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Speakers Bureau

The Wisconsin Historical Society Speakers Bureau offers an exciting opportunity for our historians, curators and authors to visit your community and share the stories of our great state.


The Wisconsin Historical Society connects civic organizations, community groups, and other public and private venues with a broad roster of speakers on topics relevant to Wisconsin history. To find a speaker, browse the listings of Wisconsin Historical Society Press authors, staff, and other experts linked below or use the search box at the top of this page: enter the word "speakers" and a topic such as sports or food or architecture (ex. "speakers Civil War"). Read the speaker's profile and when you've found someone you like, click "Request This Speaker" to tell us the date, time, and other details. We'll connect you with the speaker and help arrange what you need for a successful program.

Please submit speaker requests at least 30 days prior to your desired program date. It typically takes about two weeks to process your request and confirm arrangements. Please note that speakers may be unable to accommodate some requests; in such cases, Speakers Bureau or Press staff will recommend alternative speakers.


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Wisconsin Historical Society Press Authors

The Wisconsin Historical Society Press creates publications that educate, enlighten, and entertain readers and support the mission of the Wisconsin Historical Society. Through its books and the Wisconsin Magazine of History, the Press shares what "makes Wisconsin, Wisconsin" through traditional histories, stories of previously underrepresented populations, illuminating memoirs, and more. Press authors negotiate their own fees for traveling and speaking.

For questions about Press speakers, please contact whspress@wisconsinhistory.org or 608-890-2317.

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Collage of WHS staff speakers and experts O'Donnell, Desimone, Arbuckle, Bellais, Reed with stock WHS images

Wisconsin Historical Society Staff & Other Experts

Wisconsin Historical Society staff are available to speak on a wide range of topics, and most are available for engagements at no charge. Society staff generally cannot travel more than one hour from their workplace without a contribution to cover costs. Outside experts negotiate their own fees for traveling and speaking.

For questions about staff speakers and other experts, please contact speakersbureau@wisconsinhistory.org.

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