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"Spiro Agnew as a Hippie"

"Spiro Agnew as a Hippie" | Poster | Wisconsin Historical Society
A poster with a retouched portrait of Vice President Spiro Agnew dressed as a hippie. He has a beard, moustache, and long hair. He is wearing a fringed shirt with a peace sign, matching earring, and a beaded necklace. On the front of the poster a handwritten note describes it as a "dedication page" and that it was "sold by Hippies." There is also a price of 25 cents. On the back of the poster, additional handwritten notes read, "Sold by Hippies all around the streets on 4-XI" and "The MPPC is Dedicated to Spiro Agnew (until he's convicted)."
Image ID:61835
Creation Date:1970-09-04   ca.
Creator Name:Miller, John R.
Collection Name:Madison People's Poster and Propaganda Collection, 1969-1976)
Original Format Type:prints, photomechanical
Original Format Number:PH 4003, Box 2, Folder 2
Original Dimensions:9 x 11.5 inches
John R. Miller, was an illustrator for the Minneapolis Tribune when he began working on this retouched photo. He used airbrush and fine-tipped water color brushes. One night a copy boy asked Miller if he could make a photocopy of it and Miller had no idea he would take it to a friend at the Wisconsin Free Press to reproduce poor quality copies and sell them for 25 cents each. In the mean while he had done more work to the photo, adding a headband and other clean-up work. He took his finished art to Pandora Printing in Wayzata, MN and had it turned into a large poster with his name on it and with a copyright. By the time he found out who was responsible for the theft it was too late to do anything about it and about all he got for the poster illustration was about $1,000. "4-XI-70", appears on the right side of the poster and refers to the date of the poster's acquisition by J. Wesley Miller, September 4, 1970. Miller reference number 0001. WHS has permission from Miller's daughter, Jane Miller to use the image.
Clothing and dress
Portrait photography
Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )

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