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736 Revere Drive

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736 Revere Drive | National or State Registers Record | Wisconsin Historical Society
Historic Name:Sexton's House
Reference Number:01000173
Location (Address):736 Revere Drive
Sexton¿s House
736 Revere Drive, Manitowoc, Manitowoc County
Architect: Unknown
Date of Construction: 1878

The Sexton's House was built in 1878 in Evergreen Cemetery in Manitowoc. The house was the intended residence for the Sexton, who maintained and enforced security of the burial grounds. In 1853, the village of Manitowoc appointed a cemetery superintendent. The job later developed into the position of the Sexton, which was made official in 1879. The Sexton¿s duties included the maintenance of the cemetery grounds, security, record keeping, and the burial of the poor. The Sexton lived on the grounds of the cemetery to provide continuous service.

The Sexton¿s House sits in a flat, open area at the southeast edge of the cemetery. It is a brick building constructed in the late Victorian Italianate style. The main block of the brick building has a two-story T plan with a gable roof. A narrow wooden frieze decorates the eaves. There is a one-story wing that extends beyond the north side of the building and creates a porte cochere. This section has overhanging eaves that are supported by large wooden brackets and posts.

The office of the Sexton was filled until 1983. The position is now considered obsolete. A private business acquired the lease of the building in 2000 and did substantial restoration to the building, converting it to office use. The building is not open to the public, please respect the privacy of its occupants.

Period of Significance:1878-1950
Area of Significance:Politics/Government
Applicable Criteria:Event
Historic Use:Government: Government Office
Historic Use:Domestic: Single Dwelling
Architectural Style:Italianate
Resource Type:Building
Historic Status:Listed in the National Register
Historic Status:Listed in the State Register
National Register Listing Date:02/23/2001
State Register Listing Date:10/20/2000
Number of Contributing Buildings:1
Number of Contributing Sites:0
Number of Contributing Structures:0
Number of Contributing Objects:0
Number of Non-Contributing Sites:0
Number of Non-Contributing Structures:0
Number of Non-Contributing Objects:0
National Register and State Register of Historic Places, State Historic Preservation Office, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin

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