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546 Park Avenue | National or State Registers Record | Wisconsin Historical Society
Historic Name:Ingalsbe, Adolphus and Sarah, House
Reference Number:09000488
Location (Address):546 Park Avenue
Adolphus and Sarah Ingalsbe House
546 Park Ave., Columbus, Columbia County
Construction Dates: 1853/1875

The Ingalsbe House is one of the earliest of Columbus's unusually large number of Italianate Style houses. The original owners were Adolphus and Sarah Ingalsbe, both of whom came to Columbus from the state of New York in 1853. Ingalsbe was then fresh from spending three years in California taking part in the 1849 gold rush; it has been suggested that it was his success in California that paid for his new house. Ingalsbe subsequently became Columbus's largest farm land owner and stock breeder.

Looking at Ingalsbe's fine, solid house today one would never guess that it is representative of the piecemeal way in which many houses of that day were actually built. The original 1853 portion of the house consisted of a two-story, front-facing, gable-roofed main block. To its right was attached a shorter, two-story, side gabled wing. Columbus builder Robert Quickenden built this first house and it is believed that the house was originally clad in clapboards. In 1875, Ingalsbe had Columbus carpentry contractor Richard D. Vanaken move the old wing to the rear of the house and then Vanaken built a new and larger wing in its place. This created the irregular plan house that we see today. At this time, the entire house was also reclad in cream brick.

The Ingalsbe House is a private residence. Please respect the rights and privacy of the residents.

Period of Significance:1853-1875
Area of Significance:Architecture
Applicable Criteria:Architecture/Engineering
Historic Use:Domestic: Single Dwelling
Architectural Style:Italianate
Resource Type:Building
Architect:Quickenden, Robert
Architect:Vanaken, Richard D.
Historic Status:Listed in the National Register
Historic Status:Listed in the State Register
National Register Listing Date:07/01/2009
State Register Listing Date:01/16/2009
Number of Contributing Buildings:1
Number of Contributing Sites:0
Number of Contributing Structures:0
Number of Contributing Objects:0
Number of Non-Contributing Sites:0
Number of Non-Contributing Structures:0
Number of Non-Contributing Objects:0
National Register and State Register of Historic Places, Division of Historic Preservation, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin

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