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Reminiscences of early times in the lead mines of Illinois and Wisconsin

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Reminiscences of early times in the lead mines of Illinois and Wisconsin | Newspaper Article/Clipping | Wisconsin Historical Society
Headline:Reminiscences of early times in the lead mines of Illinois and Wisconsin>
Main Heading:Industry
Sub Heading:Mining
Article Date:1887-3-24
Newspaper:Shullsburg Pick and Gad.
Shull, Jesse W. 1785 - ?
Wright, William
Glines, I. W.
Douglas, Joseph G.
Burton, Bobert
Cheney, Orsborne
Gear, Capt. H. H.
Gillis, James
Lloyd, Stephen
Collection:Wisconsin Local History and Biographical Articles (WLHBA) Collection
Location:Wisconsin Historical Society Library, 2nd floor, Madison, Wisconsin

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