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1520 COLLEGE AVE | Property Record | Wisconsin Historical Society
Historic Name:Julia M. and August Charles Frank House
Other Name:
Contributing: Yes
Reference Number:10819
Location (Address):1520 COLLEGE AVE
Unincorporated Community:
Quarter Section:
Quarter/Quarter Section:
Year Built:1894
Survey Date:1975
Historic Use:house
Architectural Style:Queen Anne
Structural System:
Wall Material:Clapboard
Architect:A.L. Flegel
Other Buildings On Site:
Demolished Date:
National/State Register Listing Name: Southside Historic District
National Register Listing Date:10/18/1977
State Register Listing Date:1/1/1989
National Register Multiple Property Name:
Additional Information:A 'site file' exists for this property. It contains additional information such as correspondence, newspaper clippings, or historical information. It is a public record and may be viewed in person at the Wisconsin Historical Society, State Historic Preservation Office. Starke and Co. was the builder. A three car garage was added to the property in the 1980s. 2 STORY DOMED TOWER ON ONE CNR; 3 STORY TOWER W/OPEN 3RD FLR ON OPP CNR. ASST'D BAYS AND DORMERS. CARVED PANELS. DORIC SPINDLEWORK PORCH. Map code originally CT #/#; the CT presumably meant city and was stripped off. Photo code #1 is: D 106/17. AUGUST FRANK WAS A FINANCIER, LECTURER, AND EXPLORER. FROM EGYPT HE BROUGHT THE MUMMY THAT IS AT THE RACINE COUNTY HISTORICAL MUSEUM. THE HOUSE IS SUPPOSEDLY MODELED AFTER FRENCH CHATEaUX SEEN BY FRANK AND HIS WIFE JULIA DURING THEIR TRAVELS. Former OWNERS, DOUG AND GAIL JULIUS, ADDED THE CAST-IRON FENCE TO THE PROPERTY. August and Julia lived in the house until 1927, when August passed away. The house remained vacant until 1941, when it was purchased by restaurateur Arthur Meyer who operated the Park Place Tea Room and catering service out of the house. Many weddings were held here at that time During the 1950s, Don Hutson, former Green Bay Packer, lived here. George and Dorothy Neilson lived in this house from January, 1965 until August, 1968 with their eight children. They purchased the house for $28,000 and was listed for $31,000 when they moved. In 1973, Jim and Pat Dickert bought the home and began restoration. It was then purchased by Doug and Gail Julius in 1988 which they opened up as the College Avenue Bed & Breakfast. They added the garage and driveway, finished the attic, and renovated other parts of the house. Tom and Vanessa Reynolds purchased the house in 1997 and extensively restored the exterior.
Bibliographic References:PRESERVATION RACINE, INC. NEWSLETTER SUMMER 1994. RACINE JOURNAL TIMES 9/18/1994. Early photo at county historical museum. Assessment records. 1895 city directory. August Charles Frank death record 3/28/1927. Heritage Guidebook. Racine Daily Journal 8/7/1894. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 5/19/2002. "Southside Historic District Walking Tour" 1990. Racine Landmarks Preservation Commission, South Side Historic District Walking Tour Guide, 1993. Renewing Our Roots: A Guide To Racine, Wisconsin, Central City, Southside, Preservation-Racine, 1977.
Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory, State Historic Preservation Office, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin

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