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1311-1325 N Martin L King Jr Dr (N 3 St)

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1311-1325 N Martin L King Jr Dr (N 3 St) | Property Record | Wisconsin Historical Society
Historic Name:Abresch-Cramer Auto Truck Company
Other Name:Wisconsin Lakes Ice Co./Kopmeier Building/Mandel Company
Reference Number:108698
Location (Address):1311-1325 N Martin L King Jr Dr (N 3 St)
Unincorporated Community:
Quarter Section:
Quarter/Quarter Section:
Year Built:1909
Survey Date:20042000
Historic Use:retail building
Architectural Style:Twentieth Century Commercial
Structural System:
Wall Material:Brick
Architect:H. Messmer & Son
Other Buildings On Site:
Demolished Date:
Additional Information:Typical factory building of this date with integrity of form and appearance.

E. Weinshel was a clothing manufacturer here in 1909.

W. Danishfisty was the builder.

Five story vernacular brick commercial building.

Previously surveyed in 2000. Also in 1982 on the map of Historic Brewer's Hill-1982 map with a map code of 58/10.

This five-story factory/warehouse building was erected in 1909 and is constructed of reinforced concrete and is faced
with brick. The recessed, primary entrance is located near the center of the building's east facade. The remainder
of the east storefront level has been infilled with modern, opaque material. A series of eighteen openings with a
continuous concrete sill punctuates each of the remaining four stories; most of which carry a one-over-one-light,
double-hung sash. Ornamentation of the primary facade is limited to diamond-shaped, concrete insets which alternate
between the upper four floors of fenestration. Windows along the structure's south elevation are original, six-light
sashes; examples along the uppermost level have been boarded over.

The subject 1909 structure, designed by H. Messmer & Son, appears to have been built as an investment property of
the Wisconsin Lakes Ice & Cartage Co., owned and operated by the Kopmeier family. John T. Kopmeier entered into
the ice harvesting and hauling business as early as 1849; his son, John Henry, bought out his father and partners in
1878. By approximately 1900, the Kopmeiers were noted as owning over 100 ice houses along the inland lakes of the
state. City directory information supports the investment property supposition as a variety of tenants were located
within the building; none of them being the ice company. Although the offices of the ice company had been located
on 3rd Street prior to the turn-of-the-century, by 1909, they were located on the 2nd floor of the Wells Building.
Permits indicate that the subject building was originally designed to be four stories, however, within three months an
additional permit was filed which notes that a fifth story was to be built. The structure's current owner and occupant,
Mandel Inc., a printing establishment, was located in this structure as early as 1936.

While the Kopmeier family and the associated Wisconsin Lakes Ice & Cartage Co. appear to have been successful in
regard to their association with the ice harvesting industry in Wisconsin, the subject structure was not directly
associated with the business as it was an investment property for the firm. In addition, no evidence was found to
suggest eligibility under either A or B in regard to any of the building's tenants. Finally, the building itself offers no
distinguishing characteristics and the storefront windows have been replaced with modern materials.
Bibliographic References:Tax Program. 1909 City Directory. Permit.
Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory, State Historic Preservation Office, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin

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