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Historic Name:Abbie and Frank Adams Burton House
Other Name:Kathleen Rowen-Koenen and Scott Koenen House
Contributing: Yes
Reference Number:34785
Location (Address):1018 CASS ST
County:La Crosse
City:La Crosse
Unincorporated Community:
Quarter Section:
Quarter/Quarter Section:
Year Built:1884
Additions: 1900
Survey Date:1996
Historic Use:house
Architectural Style:Queen Anne
Structural System:
Wall Material:Clapboard
Other Buildings On Site:
Demolished Date:
National/State Register Listing Name: 10th and Cass Streets Neighborhood Historic District
National Register Listing Date:12/13/2000 12:00:00 AM
State Register Listing Date:7/14/2000 12:00:00 AM
National Register Multiple Property Name:
Additional Information:Carpenter was David Polleys. Excavating and Stonework by Royal Reynolds. Brickwork by J.E. Rawlinson. Bargeboards; brackets under the eaves; gabled screened inset porch in upper front story with "stick style" articulation in the gable end; rectangular bay window; balustrated three-sided porch; double leafed entrance door; two-story gable roofed rear addition.

2015- "The Frank Burton House has a rectangular front-gabled mass with decoartive gables, full-width open porch and small rectangular bay. Vertical and horizontal banding in the gable ends and bargeboard decoration show some Late Victorian Stick elements, but the asymmetry, open porch, colored glass windows and decorative cladding reflect the Queen Anne style.

Frank Burton was a grain broker and customs agent who was born in Chicago in 1847 and moved to La Crosse in 1868. Burton was murdered by a disgruntled riverboat worker during a Republican Party campaign march in downtown La Crosse just days before he was to occupy the home. The murderer was subsequently killed by the angry mob. Burton family members resided here until the early 1960s when the home was converted to a duplex. A complete restoration and conversion back to a single family home was recently accomplished."
-"La Crosse, Wisconsin: 10th & Cass Residential Historic District Tour", Prepared by Eric J. Wheeler, (2015).
Bibliographic References:LACROSSE TRIBUNE 3/26/1959. (A) Tax rolls. City directories. LaCrosse Republican and Leader 4/26/1884. LaCrosse Tribune 7/27/2003.
Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory, Division of Historic Preservation, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin

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