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305 DEWITT ST | Property Record | Wisconsin Historical Society
Historic Name:Beattie Block
Contributing: Yes
Reference Number:3645
Location (Address):305 DEWITT ST
Unincorporated Community:
Quarter Section:
Quarter/Quarter Section:
Year Built:1891
Survey Date:1992
Historic Use:retail building
Architectural Style:Italianate
Structural System:Brick
Wall Material:Cream Brick
Other Buildings On Site:
Demolished Date:
National/State Register Listing Name: Portage Retail Historic District
National Register Listing Date:4/27/1995 12:00:00 AM
State Register Listing Date:10/24/1994 12:00:00 AM
National Register Multiple Property Name:
Additional Information:A 'site file' exists for this property. It contains additional information such as correspondence, newspaper clippings, or historical information. It is a public record and may be viewed in person at the State Historical Society, Division of Historic Preservation. Photo code #3: Green 8/35 Parapet with cast iron cornice; decorative brickwork; cast iron, pedimented window hoods with rosettes; two canted, oriel windows with stained glass transom and wood shingle roofs; glass store front with cast iron pilasters; sidelights and transom over recessed door; window glass altered. The date block indicates a building date of 1891. The building originally functioned as a bar with ball room on the third floor. The city council met there. There were professional offices on the second floor. Prior to its current use, it was Hay's music shop (Earl; Bodien, 305 DeWitt). In 1870, partners Beattie and Brodie produced boots and shoes with six employees. In operation between 1875 and 1898 as proprietor of his own shop, William Beattie crafted and dealt in custom-made shoe and boots and carried leather findings. Beattie employed four male workers in 1880. Before he occupied his commercial building erected at 305 DeWitt (25/7) in 1891, Beattie occupied an earlier building at that site by 1875. He operated until about 1900 (Merrill and Woodard & Co. 1877; date block; Daugherty 1898-1992; Graham 1875; U.S. Bureau of the Census 1850-1910 [1880: industrial schedule]). Peter McDermott operated a saloon known by 1908 as The Club at 305 DeWitt (25/7) from 1900 through at least 1918 and probably 1920 (Jones 1914 [2]: 729; Sanborn-Perris Map Co. 1901; 1918; Farrell 1917-18; Polk, R.L. & Co. 1901-02). By 1929, the Portage Fruit Market and by 1948 through 1955 Hays Music Store o ccupied the building. Beattie or McDermott Hall was used primarily as a dance hall. The Knights of Maccabee, Portage Tent No. 122 organized in 1899 and met in the third floor hall in 1910 (Voshardt 1910: 24).
Bibliographic References:DATESTONE. PORTAGE 1989 LANDMARKS CALENDAR. Sanborn-Perris Map Co. 1929: store 1918: saloon 1910: restaurant 1901: saloon with hall on third floor 1894: clo. (clothing) 1889: no building Columbia Co. Treasurer 1864- 1910-1930: Peter McDermott 1905: David Robertson 1890-1900: William Beattie Directories: 1955: (305) first floor: Hays Music Store and Portage Printing CFo. upstairs: Hannah Condon and Katherine McDermott (Johnson Printing Co.) 1948: Hays Music Store at another address (Commonwealth Telephone Directory) 1937:? 1929: (305) Portage Fruit Market and J.S. Williams, Justice of Peace in basement (Smith-Baumann Directory Co.) 1927-28: no Portage Fruit Market or McDermott Saloon listed (R.L. Polk & C.) 1924-25, 1921: P.W. McDermott is listed as a baker (R.L. Polk & Co.) 1919-20: McDermott is listed as a baker (R.L. Polk & Co.) 1919-20: McDermott not listed (R.L. Polk & Co. & Co.) 1917-18: (305) Peter W. McDermott, saloon (Farrell) 1911-12: Peter W. McDermott, saloon (R.L. Polk & Co.) 1910: (305) McDermott, P.W., saloon (Voshardt) 1908-09: (305) The Club, Saloon (S.H. Moore) 1905-06, 1903-04: McDermott, P.W., saloon (R.L. Polk & Co.) 1901-02: McDermott and Perry, saloon (R.L. Polk & Co.) 1897-98: William D. Beattie, shoemaker, William Beattie also sells ins. and real estaet (R.L. Polk & Co. 1895-96, 1893-94: William Beattie, boots and shoes (R.L. Polk & Co.) 1890: William Beattie, boots and shoes workd 3 buildings north of Cook on the east side of DeWitt (Wright) A. Date Block B. Orel data from owner. Originally building functioned as a bar with ball room on third floor. City Council met there. Professional offices occupied the secondfloor. Balcony on interior.
Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory, Division of Historic Preservation, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin

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