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1008 WASHINGTON ST | Property Record | Wisconsin Historical Society
Historic Name:Fricke/Schreihart Brewing Co. Plant
Other Name:Century 21 Realty
Contributing: Yes
Reference Number:58504
Location (Address):1008 WASHINGTON ST
Unincorporated Community:
Quarter Section:
Quarter/Quarter Section:
Year Built:1878
Survey Date:1985
Historic Use:industrial building
Architectural Style:Astylistic Utilitarian Building
Structural System:Unknown
Wall Material:Brick
Other Buildings On Site:0
Demolished Date:
National/State Register Listing Name: Eighth Street Historic District
National Register Listing Date:3/17/1988 12:00:00 AM
State Register Listing Date:1/1/1989 12:00:00 AM
National Register Multiple Property Name:
Additional Information:#650: MN50-08,11,12 Altered facade; abandoned factory portion. This complex of industrial bu8ildings is the former Fricke, the Schreihart Brewery complex. Dating from the mid-19th century, the entire complex is built of cream city brick. The windows feature segmental hood moldings. The complex also includes a six story tower on the west end. The complex of buildings recorded as MN50-09, 11 and 12 are the remaining portions of William Fricke Brewery founded c.1865. The buildings on So. 10th Street (MN50-11,12) date from this early period. In 1878, John Schreihart purchawsed the Fricke Brewery. The buildings along Washington date from this era. The Schreihart Brewery continued in production until 1919 when it was closed by Prohibition. In that year, Schreihart Brewi8ng, Kunz, Bleser and co., Brewers and Rahr Malting combined as the Manitowoc Products Company. From 1919 to 1924 the plant was used to manufacture dairy products. The plant has had a number of uses since that time. Much of it is vacant at this time. This is the only remaining brewery compex in the city.
Bibliographic References:A. County Tax Rolls. B. Kunz, Frederick, "History of the Kunz Family in the Brewing Industry in Manitowoc, Wisconsin," p.7,8,12.
Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory, Division of Historic Preservation, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin

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