Jun 8 - Oct 14 :: Wade House :: Greenbush

Get a rare glimpse of the construction of the original Taliesin (Taliesin 1) and a Frank Lloyd Wright horse-drawn omnibus

Jun 1 - Sep 3 :: Old World Wisconsin :: Eagle

Come see everything Old World Wisconsin has to offer this summer!

Jun 6 - Jun 26 :: Atkinson Branch, Milwaukee Public Library :: Milwaukee

Commemorate the 50th anniversary of Milwaukee's fair housing marches by visiting the traveling display from the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Jun 18 - Jul 15 :: Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park :: Danbury

Explore this new water themed traveling exhibit that travels through Wisconsin's long relationship with water and the impact we have had on our waterways.

Special Event

Civil War Day Camp

Jun 25 - Jun 29 :: Wade House :: Greenbush

The Civil War era comes to life in this engaging day camp designed just for kids!

Jun 25 - Jun 29 :: Wisconsin Historical Museum :: Madison

If you like animals and you like stories, this is the camp for you! For grades 1 through 3.

Museum Camps

Apprentice Camp

Jun 25 - Jun 28 :: Old World Wisconsin :: Eagle

Be more than a guest. Be an Apprentice.

Jun 25 :: Discovery World's Pilot House :: Milwaukee

Book Launch Event at the Pilot House

Jun 26 :: Wisconsin Historical Museum :: Madison

Archivist Julia Wong shares highlights from the Wisconsin Historical Society’s menu collection, which ranges from the mid-1800s to the present day.

Jun 26 - Nov 10 :: Wisconsin Historical Museum :: Madison

Discover how the foods we produce and the recipes we share make us who we are through images and objects from the Wisconsin Historical Society collections.

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