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Wisconsin State Archives

"The historical society, as trustee of the state, shall be the ultimate depository of the archives of the state, and the board (Public Records Board) may transfer to the society such original records and reproductions as it deems proper and worthy of permanent preservation, including records and reproductions which the custodian thereof has been specifically directed by statute to preserve or keep in the custodian's office." Wis. Stat. 16.61(13)

The Society maintains the State Archives to fulfill this mandate. The Society has archivists on staff to deal with questions from state agencies regarding records of historical value electronic records of historical value.

State government records in the State Archives can be accessed by the public and state employees through Reference Services. If you have questions about local government record keeping, check the Local Government Records Program page.

Information for State Records Officers

Contact Us

For more information about the State Archives at the Wisconsin Historical Society, send requests to:

Abbie Norderhaug

Sarah Grimm


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