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Madison Regional Contest Information

  • Contest information for the Madison regional contest, including accessibility, schedule, and project submission.


2023 Madison Contest Results




Junior Individual Documentary          

Blues: The Frontier of American Music- Dhyana V.

Explorers of America's Great Frontier: The Lewis and Clark Expedition- Aarav S. 

Junior Group Documentary

Bicycles, Bloomers, and Women's Rights- Leah K., Kessie B. & Lily R.

Title IX- Nina S., Dylan D. & Cole G.

Voyager 1: Our Solar System and Beyond- Aayush K. Eric H. & Raphael S.

Alternate: Nikola Tesla: Scientific Pioneer- Addie G., Dashiell F. & Henry K.

Junior Individual Exhibit

Galileo Galilei-A New View of Modern Science- Lauren C. 

The Architect is Always Wright- Lulu B.

Theodora Youmans at the Frontier of Women’s Suffrage- Veronica V.

Alternate: Deadwood: Frontier Town- Lukas A.

Junior Group Exhibit

The Orphan Train: Moving Children to the Frontier- Rachel W., Mallory O. & Makennah P.

Norwegian Immigration- Isabel R. & Riley O.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: Her Influence on Early American Education- Andrea Y., Bridget T. & Lucy T.

Alternate: The ENIAC 6: Women Who Changed Computer Science- Sade S. & Vivian S.

Junior Papers

Russian Discovery of Siberia: The Eastern Frontier- Heath R. 

Althea Gibson: Crossing the Frontier to Become the “Jackie Robinson of Tennis”- Lucy Q. 

Mahatma Gandhi and the Creation of Peaceful Protest- Anirban P.

Alternate: The Transcontinental Railroad: A Necessity That Created the First Railroad to Connect the United States- Smayana A.

Junior Group Performance

The Challenger Deep: Frontier of the Ocean- Kaya W. & Lathan D. 

Florence Nightingale: Frontiers in Medicine- Kaylee I. & Emma H.

 Junior Individual Website

Ernest Shackleton: Through Endurance We Conquer- Tiana L.

Alvin Ailey's Dream of Dance-Sona R.

Nikola Tesla: How He Changed the World of Electricity​​​​​​​- Samika A.

Alternate: Lafayette-Jay J.

Junior Group Website

Apollo 11: The Final Frontier- Larkin M. & Miles A.

The Birth of NASA- Jonah V., Ranvir G. and James G. 

Russian Space Program; Frontiers in Exploration- Amy S. & Yana P.

Alternate: The Cold War- Colin M. & Dallas D.



Senior Individual Documentary

Past, Present, and Future: The Frontier of LGBTQ+ Politicians in Wisconsin. - Ivory C.

Senior Group Documentary

Behind the Arc: How Steph Curry Changed the NBA- Atharva M., Maddox B. & Rocco J.

Senior Individual Exhibits

Champion, Prodigy, and Revolutionary Chevalier: A Timeless Frontier- Macy J.

Blast Off: Mae Jemison Expansions of Frontiers and Beyond- Jaelah F.

Demersal Discoveries: Exploring the Deep- Gage R. 

Alternate: Sarah Bernhardt: The Godmother of Modern Celebrity Culture- Clara A.

Senior Group Exhibits

The Cutover: A Doomed Frontier- Abigail K., Margaret S. & Lily L.

The Hortonville 84: A Failed Frontier- Nicholas R. & Eoin S.

The Victorious Visionary: Vel Phillips- Lydia C., Emma A. & Mya B. 

Senior Papers

The Evolution of Disability Rights in the U.S.- Benjamin W.

The Mentally Ill in America: Institutions, Liberty, and Frontiers in Healthcare- Sarah M.

Senior Group Website
Harvey Girls: How Women Shaped the Western Frontier- Liza K & Alan K.                                     *Special Award Winner* Wisconsin Labor History Award