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Eau Claire Regional Contest Information

  • Contest information for the Eau Claire regional contest, including accessibility, schedule, and project submission.


2023 Contest Results


Junior Individual Documentary          

3D printing- Quin S.

Operation Fortitude - The D-Day Deception- Carson T. 

Junior Group Documentary

The 1950's, A Decade of Agricultural Progress- Archer M. & Carson S.

Junior Individual Exhibit

Striking a Light; The Matchgirls of 1888- Scout C.

Polio Problem- Kenny Saves the Day- Sydney O.

Chernobyl & Nuclear Nafety– Kelly M.

Alternate: Jets Take Off –Dylan S.

Junior Group Exhibit

Forensic Science: How DNA Changed the World- Ellie P., Sophia K. & Taylor R.

Title IX- Brekken M. & Camryn M.

All American Girls Pro Baseball League- Myah M. & Alexis C.

Alternate: The Montessori Method: A Frontier in Educational Philosophy- Kadyn K. & Madelyn M.

Junior Papers

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire– Sage B.

ASL (American Sign Language)– Samantha E.

A Frontier in Technology: Radar- Max M.

Alternate: Chernobyl Radiation Impacts– Elianna K.

Junior Group Performance

Jamie Nabozny: A Pioneer in LGBTQ+ Rights- Kaden R., Thomas T., Gabriella N., Riley C. & Harley G.

Sacagawea's Contributions to the Lewis and Clark Expedition- Violet S. & Naima T.

The Women's Rights Convention of Seneca Falls- Alexa D. & Ayla P.

 Junior Individual Website

Alan Turing and the Bombe machine–Dylan N.

Junior Group Website

Breaking Barriers With Kenny Washington– Skyler S. & Aidan F.

Bill Russell: The Man Who Changed Basketball– Joseph W. & Cade N.

Apollo 11– Jacob G. & Mason H.

Alternate: The Boundary Waters Debate- Lilly H., Logan L. & Ryan S.


Senior Individual Documentary

The Golden Age of Advertising: The Frontiering Idea to Money Making Media – Levi W.

Georges Méliès & The Art of Cinema: A Narrative Frontier – Mattie K.

Senior Individual Exhibits

Marie Curie: How One Woman Changed The Course Of Science – Lucy Z.

Laika the Space Dog- Maelee B.

Social Security: A Frontier in Finical History – Roella W.

Alternate- Elvis Presley, A Legend- Aurora R.

Senior Group Exhibits

Emma Strikes New York - Bailey S. & Cara F.

Mary Shelley – Lilly H. & Samantha H. 

Senior Papers

Nikola Tesla: Inventor of the Modern Age – Makaria H.

Senior Group Performance

The Trial of Oscar Wilde- Marcus M., Eliott C., Kinsey P. & Andaria H.

Senior Group Website
Pioneers of Space- Elijah G. & Sage W.

Special Award Winners

Labor History Award, presented by the Wisconsin Labor History Society:

Striking a Light; The Matchgirls of 1888- Scout C.

Emma Strikes New York - Bailey S. & Cara F.

Shifting Gears: Factory Production During WWII- Cecelia S.