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2023 Milwaukee Contest Results - State Qualifiers


Junior Individual Documentary          

Cartoons That Changed The World: The Story of Naji Al-Ali's Life & Art- Aida E.

The Mayo Brothers: The Brothers Who Were Frontiers in Medicine and Science- Olivia L.

Woodstock: A Frontier in Counter-Culture- Annika L.

Alternate: The Effects of Industrial Light and Magic- Jaxson S.

Junior Individual Exhibit

Rosie the Riveter: An Illustrated Influencer- Maeve M.

On the Origin of Species: How Charles Darwin Changed the World Through Science- Eva M.

Phineas Gage - The Man Who Changed the Medical Field Forever- Kyle M.

Alternate: Discovery and Destruction: the exploration for gold and the loss of Indigenous life-Luke L.

Junior Group Exhibit

Kate Warne: Crossing a Gender Frontier- Tya T. & Cate K.

Little Rock Nine - Bravery in the Face of Bigotry- Aedan N. & Nick F.

HeLa Cells- A Scientific Miracle, But Ethical Mistake- Simrin P. & Lucy K.

Alternate: Dr. Charles R. Drew; Father of the Blood Bank, Forefather of Improving Blood Storage and Preservation- Isabella W. & Arianna W.

Junior Papers

How a Cat in a Box Made a Quantum Leap and Opened a Door in Our Understanding of the Universe- Noah G.

The Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper: Traversing Frontiers in Journalism and Shattering Stereotypes with Every Word Printed- Isaac N.

Compton’s Cafeteria: The Forgotten Riot that Ignited Our Queer Revolution- Bianca L.

Alternate: Carpetbaggers - A Misunderstood Aspect of Reconstruction- James M.

Junior Individual Performance

“Higher, Faster, Longer”: The Woman Who Fought For Her Spot in Space – Addison W.

The Feminine Mystique - Crossing Frontiers and Changing Perspectives- Stella N.

The Collapse of Tenochtitlán - The Violent Clash Between Worlds -Felix R.

Alternate: How The Jazz Age Changed Women's Standards- Nora W.

Junior Group Performance

Rosa Parks- Lillian D., Francesca Z. & Lydia J.

Junior Individual Website

Richard Feynman- The Math Behind the Atomic Bomb- Sami E.

Susan B. Anthony - Crossing Frontiers in Women's Suffrage with a Single Vote- Anna S.                 

A Foot In Each Door- The Alpha Suffrage Club and The Fight for Universal Suffrage- Divya R.

Alternate: Dadaism - The Genius of the Movement that Revolutionized Art- Emily P.

Junior Group Website

Bloody Sunday 1972- Charles T. & Declan M.

"A Battle Lost On Both Sides" Little Bighorn and the Western Frontier- Ethan L. & David N.

Uncovering the Truth About Children, The Clarks' Doll Test, A Window Into Racial Attitudes- Deven S. & Augie B.

WHOSE PROMISED LAND? The Oklahoma Land Run- Joa S. & Colin M.

Alternate: Herbs to Hospitals, Medical Advancements in The Civil War- Jake R. & Henry B.


 Senior Individual Documentary

Florence Kelley - Frontiers in Labor History- Laine S.

Lewis Hine: Photographic Pioneer-April H.

Senior Individual Documentary

Ascending Into Frontiers- Natalia P.

Israel's Iron Lady - Golda Meir- Julianna F.

Senior Group Exhibit

Civil Rights Act: Bringing New Advancements to the Frontier of Racial Equality- Amy V., Lisa Y., Jordan X. & James L.

Stonewall: Expanding the New Frontier of Gay Rights- Daysia M., Samuel L., Alena V., Keasana S. & Gao N.

Frontiers of Color Television- Serena V., Nelson V., Connie Y. & Sara L.

Senior Individual Performance

Frank Llyod Wright- William K.

Senior Individual Website

Vel Phillips- Tessa M.

100 Days of Slaughter: The Rwandan Genocide of 1994- Daisia G.

Special Award Winners

Labor History Award, presented by the Wisconsin Labor History Society:

Hull House: Fostering a Dream of Dignity- Mandela D.    

Florence Kelley - Frontiers in Labor History- Laine S.