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Milwaukee Regional Contest Information

  • Contest information for the Milwaukee regional contest, including accessibility, schedule, and project submission.


2024 Milwaukee Contest Results - State Qualifiers


Junior Group Documentary          

Protest Through Melody: How Music From the 20's-60's Brought Change- Chantele-Arae & Tesanee

Kristallnacht: The Night of Broken Glass- Skye, Sara & Elizabeth

The Beginnings of a New Creative World Through Animation- Jessica & Lena

Alternate: A Whale of a Tale: The History of Whaling in America- Kaylee & Skyler

Junior Individual Documentary          

The Battle of the Spanish Armada- Emmett

The Battle of Yorktown- Henry

The iPhone: The Most Advanced Way of Communication- Olivia

Junior Individual Exhibit

The Manhattan Project- Noah

The Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki- Ingrid

Ancient Writing- Lexi

Alternate: Elvis Presley: Man, Music, Legend-Eliot

Junior Group Exhibit

Burning For Evidence How the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Changed American History- Nataly & Aviana

Milwaukee Shut Down: Prohibition- Ah’Laijah, Tania, Natalie, Quiniyah & Jose

The Bullet That Changed History- Miguel, Giovanni & Terrance

Alternate: Contraception is Our Choice- Autumn, Dayana & Alana

Junior Papers

Milwaukee and the 1968 Fair Housing Act: Did We Do Enough?- Henry

The Avtomat Kalishnikov- Damian

The Pathway of Change for Women's Working Rights- Gabriella

Junior Individual Performance

Dolly Parton- the Secret to Success. – Scarlett

Junior Group Performance

The Fall of Constantinople- Annika

Junior Individual Website

How Dialysis Revolutionized Medicine- Sami E.

The Manhattan Project- Will                 

The Meiji Restoration- Z

Alternate: Picture Perfect: How Photography Changed the Civil War- Carly

Junior Group Website

The Plight of The Radium Girls- Arianna & Isabella

The Civil Rights Act of 1964- Adeline & Cate

The Seneca Falls Convention- Eliana & Sylvia

Alternate: Tylenol- Ashlyn & Makenna


Senior Group Documentary

Amelia Earhart: Feminist of Flight- Julia & Joesph

Louisa May Alcott's Influence on American life- Madison & Chloe

Love Knows No Color: Loving v. Virginia and the Fight for Equal Marriage- Elliett & Sophie

Alternate: Beyond the Battlefield: Unraveling the Legacy of Gettysburg- Samuel & Bruce

Senior Individual Documentary

John F. Kennedy's Assassination: U.S. Action In The Vietnam War Escalated-Annabelle

The Lavender Scare: A Turning Point in LGBTQIA+ Rights- Brooklyn

National Park Service: Protecting America's Best Idea-Ryan

Alternate: Look at the Rainbow- Grey

Senior Group Exhibit

Turning Points of the Manhattan Project- Aleah, Donnie, Anonya, Mai & Kailee

Sandra Day O'Connor: A Ranch Girl Who Broke Barriers in the Supreme Court- Anna, Yo, Sumalee, Alyssa, & Jennita

The Red Water Invasion- Carson & Ryan

Alternate: Cuban Missille Crisis: A Pivotal Moment in The Cold War- Amay & Noah

Senior Individual Exhibit

United Daughters of the Confederacy: A Purposefully Misinformed South- Victoria

Gideon Vs. Wainwright- Harlowe

Lewis Hine; Art that Changed History- Natalie

The Banning of DDT in Wisconsin- Sophia

Senior Paper

World Wars- Jonathan

Turing Point in History- Kaydince

State of Florida v. Tommie Lee Andrews: How the Use of DNA Evidence Altered the Criminal Justice System in the U.S.- Samantha

Senior Group Website

How the King Of Rock 'N' Roll Shook Up Society- Nicole & Maggie

The Rise of Anesthesia- Adeline & Sarah

The Manhattan Project: The Creation and Legacy of the Atomic Bomb- Clare & Lexi

Alternate: Juliette Gordon Low and Her Girl Scouts Fight for Women’s Equality- Abbie & Elyse

Senior Individual Website

Amelia Earhart Fashions: Turning the Mindset Around Women’s Fashion- Caroline

Leveling the Playing Field: Progress and Challenges in Title IX and Women in College Sports- Annele

Loving v. Virginia; The Supreme Court Ruling That Changed America- Randle

Alternate: The Civil Rights Act of 1964- Zhicheng

Special Award Winners

Labor History Award, presented by the Wisconsin Labor History Society:

The Plight of The Radium Girls- Arianna & Isabella

Rosie The Riveter: Breaking Gender Barriers In The Workforce- Emily