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Stevens Point Regional Contest Information

  • Contest information for the Stevens Point regional contest, including accessibility, schedule, and project submission.


Contest Information

The March 12 Stevens Point Regional Contest will be held as scheduled, but the awards ceremony scheduled for 7:00 pm is CANCELLED due to growing concerns over COVID19. Results are posted below! (scroll to bottom of page) More information for finalists and alternates will be emailed soon, so please watch your email inbox. Please read for important information.

Collins Classroom Center (CCC) - 1801 4th Ave - All performances, all documentaries, all papers, Information Desk, Judges' Room, Teachers’ Lounge, Contest "HQ" and Awards Ceremony
Albertson Hall (University Library) - 900 Reserve St - All websites and all exhibits
Check the schedule for details!

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Things To Do:
Natural History Museum
Located on the 1st floor of Albertson Hall (900 Reserve Street), the museum features ethnographic and natural science collections. It is free of charge and open the same hours as the library (7:45am-9pm on March 12).

Carlsten Gallery
The Edna Carlsten Art Gallery features rotating exhibits from artists and students. It is located on the second floor of the Noel Fine Arts Center (1800 Portage Street) and is free of charge.

Schmeekle Reserve
Located adjacent to campus at 2419 North Point Drive, this 280-acre nature conservancy is free of charge and open daily from 8am-5pm.

Contest Program and Map



A Good Death Makes a Great Movie: How JonBenet Ramsey's Death Changed the Media - Emily B.R.
Breaking Segregation: Alice Coachman - Kirsten E.
Breaking the Barrier of Child Labor: Lewis Hine’s Photography - Lilliana J.
Cordelia Harvey: Breaking Women’s Nursing Rights in the Civil War - Makenna K.
The Berlin Airlift: Signifying that Determination was More Powerful than the Deadliest Weapon - Owen S.
John Muir: Breaking Barriers In U.S Conservatism and Nature Preservation - Andrue D.
Josephine Baker - Alyiah M.
Marie Curie: Breaking Barriers in Science History - Makayla W.
Robert Smalls: Slave, Hero, Congressman - Cael H.
Sit Down Girl!: Claudette Colvin - Elsa W.
Social Security: Breaking the Barrier of Poverty Following the Great Depression - Giovanni A.
The Slaves That Were "Free": Breaking Gender Barriers - Daegan F.


Amnesty International: Breaking Barriers, the Fight for Human Rights - Kimberly C.
Benazir Bhutto - Lauryn W.
Breaking Silence - Emily H.
Changing America's Abortion Laws: ROE V. WADE - Mary Jane H.
Deterioration of Stigma Surrounding Mental Health - Ella A.
Dodging Bullets - Caitlyn K.
Queer: The Stonewall Riots - Marcus B.
The Battle in Seattle: How the WTO’s Attempt to Break International Barriers United Diverse Groups in Protest - Sarah P.
The Life of Les Paul - Trinity C.
The Making of the End for Japan - Blake S.
Voices of Men in Women's Suffrage - Callie T.


Junior Individual

Apollo 11: Breaking Barriers - Harry H.
Breaking Through the Ice: How Willie O'Ree Became the First Black NHL Player - Davis S.
Clara Barton: Breaking the Barrier of Disaster Relief through Founding a Business - Evelyn W.
Dorothy Vaughan: Breaking Racial and Gender Barriers in NASA - Emily S.
Eleanor Roosevelt: Using The Role Of First Lady To Break Barriers In Equality - Charlotte H.
Elizabeth Blackwell: Successfully Breaking the Gender Barrier - Anna W.
Executive Order 9066 - Logan B.
Expecting, Diversity, and Bravery: How I Love Lucy Broke Barriers - Mquenzy T.
Fritz Pollard Breaks Unwritten Rules and Becomes First African-American NFL Coach - Karter B.
Mars Pathfinder Lander and Sojourner Rover Mission Puts First Rover on the Surface of Mars - Kohlbe W.
Mavis Hutchison: "The Galloping Granny" - Autumn S.
More Than Just a Fist: John Carlos and How He Broke the Equality Barrier - Preston D.
The Challenger Explosion of 1986 - Valerie C.
The U.S. Marines' Best "Weapon": The Navajo Code Talkers - Jacob L.
Wilma Rudolph: Breaking the Racial Barriers in Women's Sports - Madison S.

Junior Group

African Americans Play Ball - Trent, Joseph, Aiden
Berry Gordy: Breaking the Racial Music Barriers - Charleen, LaShanda
Dr. Jonas Salk: Breaking Barriers through Polio - Nya, Brooklyn
Eminem Breaks Barriers in the Music Industry - Gabriella, Sydnee
John Bardeen - Ano, Christoph
Playing For Civil Rights: The Negro Leagues - Edy, Carsen
The Bomb that Shook the World: The Manhattan Project - Josh, Cali
The Immigration Act of 1965 - Julia, Mary

Senior Individual

The Edge: The Founding of Subjectivity and Gonzo in Journalism - Gage T.
Declaration of Independence: Creating a Nation - Jacob L.
Southeast Asian Refugees - Xai K.
The Cambodian Genocide: Crimes Against Humanity - Megan S.
The Green Revolution - Lindsay N.
The Space Race in the Cold War - Drew H.

Senior Group

Elijah Cummings - Austin, Ian
Equal Rights Amendment, Women’s Rights - Kalissa, Olivia
Life of Bayard Rustin - Emily, Gabi
The Beginning of a New Life: Organ Procurements - Abigail, Kayla
The Korean War - Alec, Chris



Junior Individual Exhibit
Elizabeth Freedman: A Woman that Will Never Be Forgotten - Nicole R.
Little Rock Nine: Breaking the Racial Barrier in Education - Neveah M.
Lewis Hine and Child Labor: Effectively Breaking Children's Rights with Photography - Laxia Y.
Alternate: The Battle of Trenton: The Barrier of Expected Failure - Madelyn A.

Junior Group Exhibit
The Berlin Wall: Breaking Physical and Idealogical Barriers between America and the Soviet Union - Ava A., Lyn S.
Title IX: Breaking Sports Barriers for Women - Lola C., Megan Z.
Martha Ripley: Breaking Barriers in the Medical Profession - Adelaide C., Lexi P.
Alternate: Frank Lloyd Wright - Eli H., Tyler S., Logan B., Ahren H., Isaac Y.

Junior Individual Documentary
Freedom Riders - Jordan U.
Kathrine Switzer - Sara M.
Dr. Temple Grandin: Autistic Woman Who Changed the Livestock Industry - Grace P.
Alternate: Jacqueline Cochran: Soaring to Women's Freedom - Samantha A.

Junior Group Documentary
A Journey to the Moon and Beyond - Tatjana C., Jennifer O., Aleda S., Maxwell V., Carson Z.
Hmong Immigration to Central Wisconsin: Successfully Breaking the Cultural Barrier & Creating a More Diverse Communities - Shiazong L., Zongshia L.
The Tuskegee Airmen: Breaking the Cultural Barrier & Creating a More Diverse Community - Evan B., Joseph A.
Alternate: Apollo 11: Breaking Barriers between the Earth and the Moon - Manning A., Owen W.

Junior Paper
Cordelia Harvey: Breaking Women's Nursing Rights in the Civil War - Makenna K.
Breaking the Barrier of Child Labor: Lewis Hine's Photography - Lilliana J.
John Muir: Breaking Barriers in US Conservation aand Nature Preservation - Andrew D.
Alternate: The Slaves that were "Free": Breaking Gender Barriers - Daegan F.

Junior Individual Performance
Chief Penny Harrington - Lindsey M.
Plot, Music, and Blurring of Racial Lines - Emma S.
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor - Sandy B.
Alternate: Trial, Execution, and Repeal - Morgan S.

Junior Group Performance
The Fall of the Berlin Wall: The Barrier that Broke the Soviet Union - Wes S., Evan P., Evan T.
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: The Tragedy that Changed our Fire Safety Laws - Brennan B., Colin E.
Walt Disney: Breaking Barriers by Adding Sound into Animation - Angela X., Jewel V.
Alternate: William Still and the Underground Railroad - Ayden D., Evelyn O.

Junior Individual Website
Wilma Rudolph: Breaking Racial Barriers in Women's Sports - Madison S.
Expecting Diversity and Bravery: How "I Love Lucy" Broke Barriers - Mquenzy T.
Dorothy Vaughan: Breaking Racial and Gender Barriers - Emily S.
Alternate: Elizabeth Blackwell: Successully Breaking the Gender Barrier - Anna W.

Junior Group Website
Dr. Jonas Salk: Breaking Barriers through Polio - Brooklyn D., Nya C.
Berry Gordy: Breaking the Racial Music Barriers - Charleen B., LaShanda B.
The Bomb that Shook the World: The Manahattan Project - Calie L., Josh C.
Alternate: The Immigrant Act of 1965 - Julia B., Mary D.


Senior Individual Exhibit
Jamestown and Cyanide: The Fall of the People's Temple Agricultural Project - Cohen W.
Women's Rights of Today: Impacts Here and Around the World - Haley R.
China's One Child Policy - Annika J.
Alternate: Reproductive Rights Movement: Breaking Silence and Sparking Debate - Elyse E.

Senior Group Exhibit
Susan LaFelsche Picotte: Devotion to Healthcare - Crystal L., Tyler F.
Equal Rights Amendment - Jordyn J., Reanna E.
Ada Deer: Righting Historic Wrongs - Carolyn S., Theresa M.
Alternate: John F. Kennedy: Breaking Barriers to Go to the Moon - Brooklyn S., Madeline P.

Senior Individual Documentary
History of the Bike and Women's Rights - Gabrielle D.
Muhammad Ali: Breaking Barriers Through Race, Religion and Athleticism - Clire T.
Jesse Owens and the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games - Noah S.
Alternate: Lillian Lambert: From the Segregated South to Havard Business School - Julia C.

Senior Group Documentary
The Woman Who Posed as Insane: Nellie Bly - Abby K., Ella P.
Women in War: Breaking Barriers for Equal Rights - Annika D., Erin B.
Breaking Barriers: Gloria Steinem - Camille R., Trista M.
Alternate: The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall - Eden L., Kennedy S.

Senior Paper
The Battle in Seattle: How the WTO's Attempt to Break International Barriers United Diverse Groups in Protest - Sarah P.
Benazir Bhutto - Lauryn W.
Breaking Silence - Emily H.
Alternate: Amnesty International: Breaking Barriers - The Fight for Human Rights - Kimberly C.

Senior Individual Performance

Senior Group Performance
Cesar Chavez: Breaking Barriers - Colton H., Eli I., Joey R.

Senior Individual Website
Southeast Asian Refugees - Xai K.
The Space Race in the Cold War - Drew H.
Green Revolution - Lindsay N.
Alternate: The Cambodian Genocide: Crimes Against Humanity - Megan S.

Senior Group Website
The Beginnings of a New Life: Organ Procurements - Abigail A., Kayla O.
Life of Bayard Rustin - Emily P., Gabi S.
Equal Rights Amendment: Women's Rights - Kalissa J., Olivia L.
Alternate: Elijah Cummings - Austin G., Ian M.

Labor History Awards: 
Breaking the Barrier of Child Labor: Lewis Hine's Photography - Lilliana J.
Lewis Hine & Child Labor: Effectively Breaking Children's Rights with Photography - Laxia Y.