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Stevens Point Regional Contest Information

  • Contest information for the Stevens Point regional contest, including accessibility, schedule, and project submission.


2024 Contest Results



Junior Group Documentary

Rome 1960 Olympics- Lauren, Amelia & Ella

The Dakota War of 1862- Hannah & Hannah

Vaccines- Nelson

Alternate: Chemical Warfare- Logan

Junior Individual Documentary

Brown v Board of Education- Shiloh

Lynne Cox's Courageous Swim- Matthew

1956 Federal Interstate Highway Act- Zoey

Alternate: The Effect That JFK's presidency and assassination has had on the world- Anabel

Junior Group Exhibit

Title IX Equality for All- Sienna & Miley

The Day Sputnik Changed The World- Luke, Abby & Kelsi

The Transcontinental Railroad- Logan

Alternate: Pompeii, Italy- Emily & Taylor

Junior Individual Exhibit

Radium Girls: Workers' Safety Advocates- Adeline

Turning Points Within the Space Race- Astro

Kent State Massacre- Hazel

Alternate: Chernobyl- Gwyn

Junior Paper

Changing the View of Woman- Addyson

The Emmett Till Murder Case & the Anti-Lynching Movement- Paige

504 Sit-in- McKenzie

Alternate: Roe v. Wade, A Turning Point In History- Harper

Junior Group Website

North African Front- Seth, Jackson & Calvin

Junior Individual Website

Breakthrough in women's sports- Kendall

The Siege of Antioch- Marisa

How Did the Treaty of Versailles Lead to the Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party- Bowen

 Alternate: Elizabeth Blackwell's impact- Kaylin


Senior Group Documentary

Noor Inayat Khan: The Woman Who Changed The Tide Of World War Two- Arianna & Olivia

Senior Individual Documentary

What Happened to the Working War Women?: How 1950'sAdvertising Sent Women Back to the Kitchen - Jennifer

Senior Group Exhibit

The Stock Market Crash- Bradly & Jane

The Day Sputnik Changed The World- Greta & Quinn

Senior Individual Exhibit

The French Revolution- Caleb

The Spanish Flu- Kamryn

The Selma March- Serenity

Alternate: Sylvia Plath's effect on History- Taylor

Senior Paper

Project MKULTRA: A Turning Point in the History of LSD- Hunter

The Liberation of Auschwitz- Delaney

The Trail of Tears- Ella

Alternate: The Race for Space- Harper

Senior Group Website

Womens Rights- Lyla, Brooke & Ajah

Senior Individual Website

Jackie Robinson Breaking The Color Barrier- Carter

Juno Beach Invasion June 6th 1944- Kyle

The Great Chicago Fire- Jaylinn

American Labor History Award

Radium Girls: Workers’ Safety Advocates- Adeline