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Stevens Point Regional Contest Information

  • Contest information for the Stevens Point regional contest, including accessibility, schedule, and project submission.


2023 Contest Results



Junior Individual Documentary

First to Touch the Sky: The Wright Brothers Historic Frontier Flight that Changed Aviation History Forever- Carson N.

Blast Off: How Apollo 11 Revolutionized Interstellar and Technological Investments- Kennen V.

Connecting America- the amazing story of the transcendental railroad- Isaac S.

Alternate: Germ Theory: How Louis Pastuer’s Groundbreaking Discovery Reaches a Frontier- Madelyn S.

Junior Individual Exhibit

Sky's the Limit, William LeBaron Jenny's Impact on the Frontier of Skyscrapers- Alyssa K.

The Lady with the Lamp: How Florence Nightingale Lit the Way for Women's Nursing- Natallya R.

Renaissance Man: How Leonardo Da Vinci and all of his inventions and creations contributed to the frontiers of art and science- Rachel B.

Alternate: The Greatest Frontier of All Time- Hailey S.

Junior Paper

From Shoe Maker to Surgeon: Daniel Hale Williams Revolutionary Frontier in Medicine- Samantha S.

We the People: The American Frontier as the United States Constitution- Brehna B.

Junior Individual Performance

The Life of the Land: How Hawaii Acts as a Frontier for The World- Caius H.

The Fire for Feminism: The Original Suffragettes Story That Made the Frontier for Women’s Rights- Claire D.

Junior Individual Website

The Pioneer of Women in Medicine: How Elizabeth Blackwell Paved the Way- Isabella K.

Underwater Exploration: Technology Improvements- Jorja K.

To the Moon: The Space Race- Tyler S.



Senior Individual Documentary

Psycho: A Start to the Madness- Madelynn P.

On the street with Sesame Street: How Joan Ganz Cooney changed children's television- Stephanie M.

"Give Athletics Back to the Men" Louisa Harris's story of being drafted into the NBA.- Bella P.

Senior Individual Exhibit

The Pioneering Life of Vel Phillips- Leyla C.

Senior Paper

The Political Trial of the Chicago 8: U.S. v. Pioneers of the 1960s Societal Frontier- Hunter V.

Crossing a Frontier: Sigmund Freud- Kailey D.

Forced Across a New Frontier: The Enslaved People of the Clotilda- Becca J.