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Mequon Regional Contest Information

  • Contest information for the Mequon regional contest, including accessibility, schedule, and project submission.


2024 Contest Results


Junior Individual Documentary          

Curt Flood- William

Operation TP-AJAX -Dylan

Operation Blue Star: The Dawn of Impunity in India- Jind

Alternate: Exclusion, Not Inclusion: The Angel Island Immigration Station’s Enforcement of a Restrictive Barrier- Iris

Junior Group Documentary

Doolittle Raid: A Raid on the Mind- Ian & Nathan

Barbary Pirates of Tripoli-Giovanni & Jacek

The Rocking Turning Point to the Fall of the Berlin Wall- Faye & Avery

Alternate: Swept Away- The Untold Stories of Executive Order 9066- Jaylen & Ray

Junior Individual Exhibit

Media and War: How War Correspondents Impacted Citizens Views on the Vietnam War- Hans

The LA Walkouts- Changing education for Mexican-Americans- Maryam

Betty Crocker– Rose

Alternate: A Turning Point for the Future of our Planet How College Teach-ins, Environmental issues, and One Wisconsin Senator Sparked a Worldwide Movement Known as Earth Day- Clarice

Junior Group Exhibit

Lewis Hine- Rylee & Haley

Dickey Chapelle: Covering Combat- Ella & Ainsley

Nicolaus Otto The engine that Revolutionized the World- Nathan & Nicholas

Alternate: Women Airforce Service Pilots: The Fight for Equal Flight- Nora & Esmé

Junior Paper

The Montreal Protocol of 1987- Charlotte

Transforming Transcontinental Communication - The First Transatlantic Radio- Frank

The Dropping of the Atomic Bomb- a Significant Turning Point in History- Gabriela

Alternate: The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima, Japan

Junior Individual Performance

Ella Baker: Leading Behind The Scenes- Emery

The Radium Girls: The Story Of America's Shining Women- Summer

Garbo the Game Changer- PJ

Junior Group Performance

Salem Witch Trials- Tristyn, Austin & Veronica

The French Revolution- Marie, Parker & Anja

Junior Individual Website

Per Aspera Ad Astra: How the Sputnik Launch STEMmed American Education- Gosha

How One Game Created a Turning Point for Basketball and Higher Education- Max

Howard Carter: A Turning Point In Archeology That Changed

How Artifacts Are Collected, Studied, and How Archeologists Study the Past- Bryn

Alternate: The Birth of the "Talkies": The Turning Point That Changed Entertainment Forever- Willa

Junior Group Website

B-29 Superfortress-the Plane that Transformed Aviation- Cliff & Xavier

The Six Day War- Kadeen

The First Industrial Robot - How it was a Turning Point in History- Ciarra & Olivia


Alternate: Les Paul : The Turning Point that Electrified Music, Which Changed How Music Was Written, Played, and Enjoyed in Wisconsin, America, and Across the Planet- Bailey & Sarah


Senior Individual Documentary

The Emergence of the AIDS Epidemic's Impact on American Art- Josie.

The Battle of the Sexes- Hallie

China’s One Child Policy- Sydney

Alternate: Computers That Can Think: How Christopher Strachey Contributed to Modern Artificial Intelligence- Freja

Senior Group Documentary

The Repeal of the Fairness Doctrine: An Irreversible Turning Point in American Media- Emma & Krin

A Turning Point in Animation: The Integration of Technology- Abigail & Ryan

The Game Will Never Be The Same- Miles, Mason & Spencer

Alternate: Wright Brothers: Turning Point in History- Aidan, Kason & William

Senior Individual Exhibits

Little Rock Nine- Rayne

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act : An Educational Turning Point for People with Disabilities- Nora

The Microphone: Turning Point in History- Sharon

Alternate- The Benz Patent Motor Car- Zackary

Senior Group Exhibits

Sputnik 1: The Dawn of the Space Race: a Turning Point in Space Exploration- Finnola, Grace & Calli

Corset To Coco: A Turning Point in History- Cassandra F. & Anne D.

The Flapper Era- Isabella & Margaret

Alternate: The Blazing Turning Point of 1911- Sydney, Olivia & Sasha

Senior Papers

Spinning a New Fabric of Labor: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and Its Resounding Impact on Worker Rights- Riya K.

Jackie Robinson: Breaking the Color Barrier, a Turning Point in Baseball History- Wyatt

Chernobyl: More Than Just A Nuclear Disaster- Adeline

Alternate: ROC vs PRC: A Turning Point of Global Proportions- Angela

Senior Individual Website

How the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in 1996 Was A Turning Point In Protection of Personal Health Information- Elaina

How Computer Science Was Brought Into History- Siena

A Turning Point in History: Louis Armstrong- Bailey

Alternate: Jonas Salk and the Discovery of the Polio Vaccine- Sophia

Senior Group Website
The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Turning Points in World Relations- Sierra & Jessica

William T.G Morton and the Innovation of Modern Anesthesia- Valerie & Lily

The Endangered Species Act: A Turning Point for the Better- Wilson, Jonah & Hudson

Alternate:  Katherine Johnson: A Turning Point In The Space Race and Racial Relations- Cori,  Lilly & Tess

Special Award Winners

Labor History Award, presented by the Wisconsin Labor History Society:

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, Would You Jump?- Josephine & Juliette

Spinning a New Fabric of Labor: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and Its Resounding Impact on Worker Rights- Riya K.