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Milwaukee North Regional Contest Information

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2022 Contest Results


Junior Individual Documentary          

The Heart of Conflict: Understanding the Iran Hostage Crisis- Gyan G.

Family and Medical Leave Act: The First Step in Family Rights- Alani W.

Obergefell v. Hodges- Olivia M.

Alternate: How The Surrealist Art Movement Sparked Debate and Diplomacy in its Time Period- Hannah G.

Junior Group Documentary

An Oasis of Peace in a Desert of War: The Enduring Legacy of the Camp David Accords- Anand G. & Eashan A.

Fair Housing in Milwaukee: Progression and Regression- Carson T. & Veer G.

Great White Hope vs. Galveston Giant: The Genesis of Athletic Equality- Bethany M., Yusra H. & Zara V.

Alternate: Murder in the Skies: Korean Airlines Flight 007- Charles S. & Eashan A.

Junior Individual Exhibit

Deterring Aggression, Promoting Peace, and Increasing Security of the U.S. with the Strategic Defense Initiative- Leanna W.

Giving Madness A Face – Atieno R.

On the Brink of Nuclear War: Hotly Debated Crisis Solved by Diplomacy- Ethan W.

Alternate- The National Organization for Women-Lauren M.

Junior Group Exhibit

The Failure in Kyoto- Andy W. & Nikhil L

Project Blue Book: More Questions Than Answers- Anaya A. & Reiley F.

Fangs Out For Recognition- Abbey N., Gurleen A. & Neva M.

Alternate: "Football is on trial" How Teddy Roosevelt saved Football- Alice G. & Stella J.

Junior Papers

Urban Freeways: The Roads that Transformed a Nation- Zev V.

A Meeting of Diplomats That Changed History- Read T.

The Protocol That Changed Chemical Warfare: The 1925 Geneva Protocol- Jon N.

Alternate: The Birthplace of International Justice - The Trials at Nuremberg- Harini T.

Junior Individual Performance

Ruby and Mrs. Henry: The Story for a Lifetime- Grace P.

Freedom At Last- Jordan S.

A Dance through Martha Graham’s Life- Elizabeth M.

Alternate: Nellie Bly- Alyson S.

Junior Group Performance

Title IX Debate for Women's Rights- Alaina E, Alexis S. & Nina C.

Ann Putnam Witch Trials- Liv T., Loren H. & Sara G.

John F Kennedy vs Richard Nixon presidential debate- Alec D. & Jase T.

Alternate: Women vs Women, the Internal Debate for Women's Rights and the 19th Amendment- Anita R. & Ella S.

Junior Individual Website

The Sabin Polio Vaccine: Advancement Between Adversaries –Nina G.

Serving For Human Rights - Arthur Ashe’s Diplomacy Against Apartheid- Wynter M.

Trying to Drive Through Defense: The Debate Over Women’s Basketball- Aneesha J.

Alternate: Prohibition- Josie K.

Junior Group Website

Our Best Soldiers –Aurelia D. & Kaitlyn P.

Mendez v. Westminster Unspoken But Not Unheard- Delia N. & Liesel K.

Prohibition In Wisconsin: The Altering Debate- Henry B. & Theodoros D.

Alternate: Missiles on the U.S. Doorstep- Jack R. & John H.


Senior Individual Documentary

The Black Panther Party Igniting The Debate Over Police Brutality- Esther O.

China's One Child Policy: The Chinese Government's Solution to Their Overpopulation Issue- Jasmine S.

Gaylord Nelson: Diplomat of the Earth- Lily S

Alternate: Life; Choice- Madeline J.

Senior Group Documentary

"Love Canal Tragedy; A Dose of Toxicology"- Megan G.

Loving v. Virginia: Debating the Forbidden Love of Interracial Couples- Ella T. & Paige M.

The Scopes Trial and the Debate on Fundamentalism-Evan N. & Mason H.

Alternate: The Debate and Diplomacy of Daniel Ellsberg- Grace K., Kathryn H. & Kathryn P.

Senior Individual Exhibits

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: Sparking The Debate Over Workplace Safety- Kathryn K.

The Climate Debate- Miriam J.

The Use of The Big Stick - The Debate and Diplomacy used in the Panama Canal- Jack T.

Alternate- The Death Penalty - A Prevalent Penalty Lacking Morality- Ella H.

Senior Group Exhibits

Roe v. Wade: A Turning Point in the Debate on Abortion- Gabriella S. & Paityn S.

The Nineteenth Amendment: Suffrage Wins- Delaney D., Katy H. & Veronica K.

Now Showing: The Lavender Scare- Emily N. & Alex D.

Alternate: Eugenics: The Immoral Science- Andriy O., Livianna D. & Madeline M.

Senior Papers

The Birth Control Revolution- Caroline F.

Debate and Diplomacy Surrounding the Use of Atomic Bomb Technology as a Military War Tactic to End World War II- Anna R.

The Bay View Massacre- Maddie K.

Alternate: Painting American History: The Birth of A Nation Through John Trumbull's Artworks- Monika I.

Senior Individual Performance

Brown v. Board of Education: The Debate For and Against School Desegregation- Paige J.

Senior Individual Website

Radium Girls: Sparking Debate in the Workplace- Jane T.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombs: The Debate of Atomic Warfare- Luca F.

Margaret Sanger: The Debate on Birth Control- McKenna C.

Alternate: The Treaty of Versailles; The Peace that Doomed the World- Noah R.

Senior Group Website
Katherine Johnson- Addie B., Leah C. & Lizzie G.

The Berlin Airlift- Natalie F., Rhiannon A. & Ruby B.

The Lavender Scare- Cullen P., Grace W. & Sabrina B.

Alternate:  Brown V. Board of Education- Kenna B. & Mya B.

Special Award Winners

Labor History Award, presented by the Wisconsin Labor History Society:

The Radium Girls:  Sparking Debate in the Workplace- Jane T.

National Organization for Women- Lauren M.