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State Contest Information

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State Results

Documentary National Finalists

Junior Individual Documentary
National Finalist: Cartoons That Changed The World: The Story of Naji Al-Ali's Life & Art- Aida E.

National Finalist: Blues: The Frontier of American Music- Dhyana V.

1st Alternate: Jane Goodall: Redefining Mankind- Arianna A.

2nd Alternate: Davy Crockett and the Alamo- James D.

Junior Group Documentary
National Finalist: Stephanie Kwolek and the Age of Kevlar- Nate G. & Caleb F.

National Finalist: The Canadian Caper: Escape from Iran- Elise S., Brody R. & Jack G.

1st Alternate: Voyager 1: Our Solar System and Beyond- Eric H., Aaysh K. & Raphael S.

2nd Alternate: The 1950's, A Decade of Agricultural Progress.- Archer M. & Carson S.

Senior Individual Documentary
National Finalist: Florence Kelley - Frontiers in Labor History- Laine S.

National Finalist: John Coltrane, Music Visionary- Issac H.

1st Alternate: Lewis Hine: Photographic Pioneer- April H.

2nd Alternate: Eau Claire’s Lumber Frontier: The Phoenix Log Hauler- MacKenzy K.

Senior Group Documentary
National Finalist: Testing the Waters: Pushing Frontiers in Limnology at UW-Madison- Nadim A., Thomas R. & Ravi S.

National Finalist: Birth Control: How Margaret Sanger Gave Control Back to Women- Presley K. & Desiree V.

1st Alternate: Apollo 11: Frontier of Human Space Travel- Joseph A., Ezra K., & Samuel M.

2nd Alternate: Asylum to Hospitals: The National Mental Health Act of 1946 and it's Impact on the Frontier of Mental Health Treatment- Meghan D. & Tyler K.

Exhibit National Finalists

Junior Individual Exhibit
National Finalist: Dorothea Dix: Frontier in Perspectives and Treatments of the Mentally Ill- Avery S.

National Finalist: Phineas Gage - The Man Who Changed the Medical Field Forever- Kyle M.  

1st Alternate: On the Origin of Species: How Charles Darwin Changed the World Through Science- Eva M.

2nd Alternate: Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Gender Equality Icon- Louis L.

Junior Group Exhibit
National Finalist:  Little Rock Nine - Bravery in the Face of Bigotry- Aedan N. & Nick F.

National Finalist:  HeLa Cells- A Scientific Miracle, But Ethical Mistake- Lucy K. & Simrin P.

1st Alternate: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: Her Influence on Early American Education- Andrea Y., Lucy T. & Bridget T.

2nd Alternate:  Amelia Earhart's Solo Flight Across the Atlantic- Molly M. & Ava A.

Senior Individual Exhibit
National Finalist: Welcome to the Jungle: A Journey Through Chicago's Packingtown‌– Marisa D

National Finalist: Social Security: A Frontier in Finical History- Roella W.

1st Alternate: The Brassiere Frontier: A New Garment Supports Women’s Innovation and Independence- Mystique S.

2nd Alternate: The Turing Test: The Theory of Artificial Intelligence- Wyatt D.

Senior Group Exhibit
National Finalist: Billie Jean King: Equality vs Society- Aubrey S. & Libby P.

National Finalist: Going Beyond Lines on a Page: African American Expression in Langston Hughes' Writings-Wren A. & Declan A.

1st Alternate: Stonewall: Expanding the New Frontier of Gay Rights- Alena V., Keasana S., Samuel L., Daysia M. & Gao Nou Y.

2nd Alternate: Emma Strikes New York- Cara F. & Bailey S.

Paper National Finalists

Junior Paper
National Finalist: The Manhattan Project: The Crater it Left On History, and the Ripple Effects to the Present Day- Levi V.

National Finalist: The Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper: Traversing Frontiers in Journalism and Shattering Stereotypes with Every Word Printer- Issac N.

1st Alternate: Mahatma Gandhi and the Creation of Peaceful Protest: How one man freed his country and created a tool to fight injustice- Anirban P.

2nd Alternate:  Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire- Sage B.

Senior Paper
National Finalist: Hollywood, Nat Love, and the Wild West: A Journey into Television of the Past- Autumn H.

National Finalist: From Earth to the Sun: The Controversial Journey of Galileo's Heliocentric Theory- Riya K.

1st Alternate: The Insane and Institutionalism- Jeremiah V.

2nd Alternate: The Mentally Ill in America: Institutions, Liberty, and Frontiers in Healthcare- Sarah M.

Performance National Finalists

Junior Individual Performance
National Finalist: Rosie the Riveter: Crossing Into a New Frontier Where Women Rolled Up Their Sleeves and Did the Dirty Work- Sadie S.

National Finalist: “Higher, Faster, Longer”: The Woman Who Fought For Her Spot in Space- Addison W.

1st Alternate: The Feminine Mystique - Crossing Frontiers and Changing Perspectives- Stella N.

2nd Alternate- The Beatles: Frontiers in Music- Nick A.

Junior Group Performance
National Finalist: Penicillin: An Accidental Discovery Leads to a Life-Saving Frontier- Kira B. & Ashlyn Q.

National Finalist: The Women's Rights Convention of Seneca Falls- Ayla P. & Alexa D.     

1st Alternate: Sacagawea's Contributions to the Lewis and Clark Expedition- Violet S. & Naima T.

2nd Alternate: Florence Nightingale: Frontiers in Medicine- Kaylee I. & Emma H.

Senior Individual Performance
National Finalist: The Pioneering Policewoman: Anna DeWane the First Policewoman of Eau Claire, Wisconsin- Amalia D.

Senior Group Performance
National Finalist: The Trial of Oscar Wilde– Eliott C., Marcus M., Andaria H. & Kinsey P.


Website National Finalists

Junior Individual Website
National Finalist: Susan B. Anthony - Crossing Frontiers in Women's Suffrage with a Single Vote – Anna S.

National Finalist: A Foot In Each Door- The Alpha Suffrage Club and The Fight for Universal Suffrage- Divya R.

1st Alternate: The Columbine High School Shooting of 1999: Tragedy turned Frontier Toward Safer Schools- Ashlyn B

2nd Alternate: Henry Ford: A Frontier to Better Society Through Innovation- Nolan P.

Junior Group Website
National Finalist: Uncovering the Truth About Children, The Clarks' Doll Test, A Window Into Racial Attitudes– Deven S. & Augie B.

National Finalist: WHOSE PROMISED LAND? The Oklahoma Land Run- Joa S. & Colin M.

1st Alternate: Russian Space Program; Frontiers in Exploration- Amy S. & Yana P. 

2nd Alternate: "A Battle Lost On Both Sides" Little Bighorn and the Western Frontier– David N. & Ethan L.

Senior Individual Website
National Finalist: The Indian Health Service: Paving a Path to Native American Rights- Samantha A.

National Finalist: John Ostrom’s Deinonychus: Crossing The Largest Frontier in Dinosaur Paleontology- Tor S.

1st Alternate: Media in Vietnam War- Van L.

2nd Alternate: The Manhattan Project: The Birth of Nuclear Weapons- Zhixiang H.

Senior Group Website
National Finalist: Creation of The Automotive Assembly Line- Brandon G. & Carson S.

National Finalist: Marie Curie: A New Frontier in Science- Elizabeth H., Grace G. & Jillian B.

National Finalist: Harvey Girls: How Women Shaped the Western Frontier- Liza K. & Alan K.

 Alternate: Pioneers of space- Sage W. & Elijah G.


Special Awards

American Labor History Award (Presented by the Wisconsin Society for Labor History)

The Jungle: Frontier Leads to Food and Labor Laws– Chloe M.

Florence Kelley - Frontiers in Labor History– Laine S.

Chronicling America Award (Presented by the Wisconsin National Digital Newspaper Program)

The Frontier of Space Exploration and The Satellite That Started It All- Elliot B.

Lewis Hine: Photographic Pioneer- April H.

Civil Rights Award (Presented by the Wisconsin Council for Social Studies)

Compton’s Cafeteria: The Forgotten Riot that Ignited Our Queer Revolution- Bianca L.

AAPA: Transforming Racial Identity- Ellen Z.

Early American History Award (Presented by the Wisconsin Society of Mayflower Descendants)

Explorers of America's Great Frontier: The Lewis and Clark Expedition- Aarav S.

Environmental History Award (Presented by The Ralph and Virginia Kurtzman Fund)

The History of Solar Panels- Mason M.

The Wisconsin River: How the Hardest Working River in the United States Fueled the Frontiers that Developed Wisconsin- Noah S.

Equality in History Award (Presented by the UW-Madison Department of History)

Geography Award (Presented by the Wisconsin Geographic Alliance)

Sacagawea: a frontier in westward expansion- Lilah C. & Shawn D.

The Cutover: A Manufactured Frontier?- Abigail K., Lily L. & Margaret S.

Local History Award (Presented by the Wisconsin Council for Local History)

Maritime History Award (Presented by the National Maritime Historical Society)

1st Place, Junior Division: Ernest Shackleton: Through Endurance We Conquer- Tiana L.

2nd Place, Junior Division: Operation Fortitude - The D-Day Deception- Carson T.

1st Place, Senior Division: Demersal Discoveries: Exploring the Deep- Gage R

The Outstanding Archival Research Award (Presented by Carroll Heideman)

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: Her Influence on Early American Education– Andrea Y., Bridget T. & Lucy T.

The Pioneering Policewoman: Anna DeWane the First Policewoman of Eau Claire, Wisconsin– Amalia D.

Transnational/Global History Award (Presented by the UW-Madison Department of History)

Wisconsin History Award (Presented by the John C. Geilfuss Endowment)

Theodora Youmans at the Frontier of Women’s Suffrage- Veronica V.

Testing the Waters: Pushing Frontiers in Limnology at UW-Madison- Nadim A., Ravi S. & Thomas R.

Women in History Award (Presented by the Friends of the Wisconsin Historical Society)

Marie Curie: How One Woman Changed the Course of Science- Ella W.

Jane Goodall: Redefining Mankind- Arianna A.