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Youmans, Henry Mott 1851 - 1931

Politician and Businessman

Henry Mott Yousmans (1851-1931) | Wisconsin Historical Society
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Henry Mott Youmans was a newspaperman, businessman and politician born in Mukwonago, WI. He attended a commercial college in Milwaukee, and moved to Waukesha where he became a printer for the Waukesha Freeman in 1870. In 1872 he purchased part interest in the paper, was co-editor with Theron W. Haight from 1872 to 1874, and with various partners, was editor and publisher of the Freeman from 1874 until his death.


He held local political offices in Waukesha, was president of the Wisconsin Editorial Association from 1893 to 1895 and a trustee of Carroll College. From 1893 until his death, Youmans was a director of the Exchange Bank of Waukesha.

His Wife

His wife, Theodora Youmans, nee Winton graduated from Carroll College in 1880 and married Youmans in 1889. From that date until her death assisted her husband in editing the Waukesha Freeman. She became a member of the State Semi-Centennial Committee in 1898, and a committeewoman from Wisconsin to the St. Louis World's Fair in 1903. Mrs. Youmans was widely known as an active clubwoman, suffragist and editor and was a member of the board of state normal school regents from 1905 to 1910, was president of the Wisconsin Federations of Women's Clubs  in 1900, and served as press chairman of the Wisconsin Woman's Suffrage Association in 1912. She was president of this organization from 1913 to 1920 and served as editor of its magazine, The Woman Citizen, for many years. In 1929 Mrs. Youmans was vice-president of the Wisconsin League of Women Voters.  She was active in state and local politics as a Republican and was an elector in the campaign of 1920, and in 1924 was an unsuccessful candidate for state senator. 

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