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Wisconsin’s John Muir

A Traveling Display and Reading Program

Wisconsin’s John Muir | Wisconsin Historical Society
Opening panel of the exhibit.

In 2017, the traveling display "Wisconsin’s John Muir" will be hosted by University of Wisconsin-System libraries. Last year the Wisconsin Historical Society provided the free display to local public libraries and historical societies in 25 communities around the state.  

Commemorating the centennial of the National Park Service, the traveling display explores Muir's youth in Wisconsin, his advocacy for national parks and his views on environmental issues such as logging, hunting and climate change. Its eight panels share facsimiles of images and manuscripts from the Society's library and archives alongside Muir quotes and interpretive texts.

The Muir display and reading program is funded by bequests from John A. Peters and the Kenyon and Mary Follett family.

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Oh, that glorious Wisconsin wilderness!