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Winners of the National Historic Preservation Act 50th Anniversary Photo Contest

Historic Preservation Contest Winners | Wisconsin Historical Society

The Wisconsin State Historic Preservation Office held a photo contest to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act. We received hundreds of photographs from Wisconsin photographers honoring the historic places across the state that provide a tangible connection to our state’s past. We appreciate all the photographers who participated in the contest and hope that you will keep celebrating the historic places that are important to our history.

Top Ten Student Photographers

2016 Student Winners
  • Max Burger
  • Leah Edwards
  • Brie Gauthier
  • Emma B. Hanisko
  • Emma Leib
  • Elle Lieder
  • Doua Ci Lor
  • Kayla Luebke
  • Grace Munig
  • Mai Nou Thao

Top Five Adult Photographers

2016 Adult Contest Winners
  • Mark Adsit
  • Kathy Brand
  • Joe Lawniczak
  • Terry McNeill
  • Julia Upfal

Runners Up

2016 Adult Runners-Up
  • Mariann Anderson
  • Stephen Androsky
  • Hannah Babiak
  • Jeanne A. Biebel
  • Kim Bitto
  • Kerry Bloedorn
  • Tim Booth
  • Katie Brenner
  • Debi Coates
  • Carl Courtois
  • Valerie Davis
  • Lana Froemming
  • Norma Gabriel
  • Paul Gaudynski
  • Jennifer Gerhartz
  • Karen Gersonde
  • Glenn Gierzycki
  • Chuck Harlan
  • Maureen Janson Heintz


  • Lori Hennes
  • Troy Hess
  • Brian Huben
  • Christina Johnson
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Katie Kaliszewski
  • Michael Knapstein
  • Justin Lackner
  • Gloria Lansin
  • Charlie Lemm
  • J.R. Manning
  • Julie Morello
  • Tom Mortenson
  • Thomas O'Malley
  • Paul Ostrum
  • Elizabeth Paull
  • Emily Pichler
  • Joann Ringelstetter
  • Mark Robarge
  • Robert Taunt
  • Scott Thompson
  • Michael Tidrick
  • Jason Tish
  • Cindy Tobin
  • Katie Weisbecker
  • Valerie Williams

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