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Leslie Bellais | Wisconsin Historical Society
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Leslie Bellais

Leslie Bellais is the former curator of social history at the Wisconsin Historical Museum. She retired in January 2019. Leslie gives a wide range of programs on the history of clothing, textiles, quilts, dolls, and toys, including "Flapper Fashion," "Rituals of Romance: A History of Courtship and Weddings,1830-1990," "Civil War Memories & Mementos," and "Over Here: The Wisconsin Homefront in World War I." Leslie is based in Madison. Note: A fee and mileage (outside of Dane County) will be charged.


  • Boys in Dresses, Girls in Pants: Dressing Children in the 19th Century
  • Civil War Memories & Mementos
  • Clues in the Dress: Dating Photographs from Clothing
  • Doll Play, 1850-1930
  • Dressing the Lady Cyclist
  • Flapper Fashion
  • Hoops & Bustles: A Look at Victorian Women's Fashion
  • The Rise and Fall of the Long White Baby Dress (1790-1920)
  • Rituals of Romance: A History of Courtship and Weddings, 1830-1990
  • Trends in American Quilting
  • Victorians' Secrets: The Revealing History of Women's Underwear
  • Zoom! Whiz! Wow! A Hi-Speed History of Madison's Soap Box Derby

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