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Book Proposal Submissions

The Wisconsin Historical Society Press, Wisconsin's first publisher, publishes widely in the history and biography of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. The Press is looking for good books based on solid research that will appeal to both academic and general audiences. Authors who have an understanding of the audiences they are writing for and the niches their projects fill will have the best chance for success.

Providing the Press with complete information will enhance the Press's ability to evaluate your project in a timely manner, and the proposal template that can be downloaded here will help you give us the information we need.

How to Submit a Proposal

Complete one version of the proposal forms below and submit the form to

Wisconsin Magazine of History Submissions

Sara Phillips, Editor

Research and Writing Fellowships

The D.C. Everest, Amy Louise Hunter, and Alice E. Smith Fellowships support research and writing for publication of books by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. Professional and nonprofessional writers, academics, and independent scholars are invited to apply. Only individuals, not organizations, are eligible, and grants are given in the amount of $1,000-$2,000.

The Everest, Hunter, and Smith awards may deal with any topic eligible for publication by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. All applications are automatically considered for all awards.   The Wisconsin Historical Society Press publishes books dealing with Wisconsin history and culture.

The Wisconsin Historical Society Press has the right of first refusal for any manuscripts developed with these awards. Grant recipients are required to submit book manuscripts first to the Society Press. The fellowship is considered as payment for publication rights. If the Society declines to publish the work, rights revert back to the author.

How to Apply

Applications consist of a cover sheet, resume, and completed book proposal. Applications are accepted year round.

Submit completed applications to:

Wisconsin Historical Society Press
816 State Street
Madison, WI 53706-1482
Phone: 608-264-6582

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Wisconsin Historical Society Press
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