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Wisconsin Historical Society Introduces Web-based Education Hub | Wisconsin Historical Society

Wisconsin Historical Society Introduces Web-based Education Hub

For Immediate Release (August 31, 2021)

Wisconsin Historical Society Introduces Web-based Education Hub | Wisconsin Historical Society

Madison, WI. – The Wisconsin Historical Society has launched a new webpage to connect teachers and students with resources to help them engage with Wisconsin and North American history. The webpage enables users to browse information about virtual and in-person programs, explore lesson plans and teaching materials, and discover stories from history through books and digital content.

“With so many resources and experiences tailored to history educators and learners of all ages, the Society created an online hub to make it easier to access these educational materials and opportunities in one central place,” said Angela Titus, assistant deputy director and chief program officer for the Wisconsin Historical Society. “The education hub will expand over time as more resources and programs become available.” 

The Wisconsin Historical Society offers a variety of virtual and in-person programs geared to K-12 students for the 2021-2022 school year. This includes an array of field trip options offering an immersive, educational experience at a historic site or museum. Virtual offerings include live, interactive programs that allow students to engage with history from home or in a classroom setting when an in-person visit is not possible.

In addition to information about K-12 program offerings, the new education hub features a Teacher’s Lounge section dedicated to resources for educators. It includes primary and secondary school lesson plans, links to online history content for students, information about how the Wisconsin Historical Society’s offerings align with state education standards, and more. The education hub also features information about the textbook “Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story” for grades 3-5 and other books for the classroom.

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