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Education Materials for Finding Freedom | Wisconsin Historical Society

Classroom Material

Education Materials for Finding Freedom

Teaching about the Underground Railroad and Fugitive Slave Law in Wisconsin

Education Materials for Finding Freedom | Wisconsin Historical Society

Finding Freedom tells the story of Joshua Glover, a man who escaped slavery in 1852, evaded capture, and traveled the Underground Railroad through Wisconsin before reaching freedom in Canada. Updated in 2022, the new edition contains a foreword that shines a light on the connections between the story of Joshua Glover and modern anti-racist movements.

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Reading the book and working through the activities in these education materials will enable students to better understand the roles and motivations of freedom seekers, abolitionists, and enslavers and to identify policies that encapsulated pre–Civil War Wisconsin society.

These materials have been designed for teacher-led literacy circles for grades 6–12.

Download the free education materials here.

For more information on the book, including how to purchase, visit the WHS Press website.