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Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in Wisconsin

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in Wisconsin | Wisconsin Historical Society
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CCC recruitment poster, 1939 (WHi-5762)

This New Deal work program established by the federal government on May 5, 1933, employed more than two million men aged 18-25 to conserve natural resources. In Wisconsin, they cleaned forests of slashings left by lumber companies, planted new trees, controlled forest fires, and helped build state parks. The program officially ended on July 30, 1942, by which time most of its participants had enlisted to fight in World War Two or had found other wartime employments.

View a 1937 guide to CCC camps in Wisconsin and a 1939 recruitment poster elsewhere at

Rosholt, Malcolm. The Wisconsin Logging Book, 1839-1939. (Rosholt, Wis., 1980): 282-283.

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