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Wisconsin's Major Historic Preservation Statutes

Wisconsin's Major Historic Preservation Statutes | Wisconsin Historical Society

Wisconsin has many state laws pertaining to historic preservation issues and historic properties (which include archeological sites, historic buildings and other structures, landscapes, human burial sites, and statuary). In addition to state laws, there are state administrative rules, federal laws and regulations, and local ordinances that focus on historic preservation.

The Role of State Statutes in Historic Preservation

  • Define and impose the review processes when governmental actions may affect historic properties.
  • Give local units of government the power to establish local ordinances and commissions, and to be directly involved with and review historic preservation issues in their communities.
  • Establish incentive programs for preserving or rehabilitating historic properties.
  • Criminalize certain activities affecting historic properties and specify the penalties.

Primary State Historic Preservation Laws

A compendium of the primary state historic preservation laws is available in this document, Wisconsin's Major Historic Preservation Statutes (PDF, 260 KB).

To search or review all Wisconsin laws, see Wisconsin Statutes.

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