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Political and Military Life Museum Objects | Wisconsin Historical Society

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Political and Military Life Collections

Physical Holdings at the Wisconsin Historical Museum

Political and Military Life Museum Objects | Wisconsin Historical Society

Political badge
with image of
Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Second Annual convention,
Young Democratic
Clubs of Wisconsin,
La Crosse,
June 1-2, 1934

Political collections
About 6,000 objects provide significant evidence of local and national political and social movements in Wisconsin over the last century and a half. Political campaign devices (such as buttons and yard signs) document bids for state offices and the presidency. Political cause materials chronicle the struggles for women's suffrage and civil rights, labor movements, anti-war efforts, environmental crusades, treaty rights disputes, both sides of the abortion controversy, and other social action issues.

Military Collections
The Museum also houses a collection of military artifacts including firearms, swords, equipment, and accessories. This collection documents Wisconsin-based activities including:

  • Pre-Civil War militia units
  • Local military training programs
  • The state and National Guard

Curator : Paul Bourcier

Note: For most military artifacts, first contact the Wisconsin Veterans Museum which collects objects relating to the Civil War and America's foreign wars since then. Please visit their website or call 608-264-6099