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How to Appeal a Decision About Projects on a Burial Site

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How to Appeal a Decision About a Project on a Human Burial Site | Wisconsin Historical Society

When a request to disturb a burial site as part of construction or another project has been approved or denied by the director of the Wisconsin Historical Society or an administrative law judge, their decision may be appealed.

Appeals may be requested by any involved party, including the person asking to disturb the burial site, any member of the Registry of Interested Persons, the Wisconsin Historical Society, or any other aggrieved party.

To request an appeal, send a letter to the chairperson of the Burial Sites Preservation Board. A copy of the letter must also be sent to the director of the Wisconsin Historical Society. Appeal requests may also be sent to any other court of competent jurisdiction (a court designated to hear your specific type of case). The letter should name the burial site involved, describe the earlier decision, and explain why the appeal is being requested.

Your appeal request will be considered by the Burial Sites Preservation Board or the court of competent jurisdiction. If your appeal request is granted, you will be notified of the date and location of your hearing so that you can attend.

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