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What is the Wisconsins Burial Sites Catalog? | Wisconsin Historical Society

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What is the Wisconsin Burial Sites Catalog?

What is the Wisconsins Burial Sites Catalog? | Wisconsin Historical Society

The Wisconsin Burial Sites Catalog is an electronic list of human burial sites. It is mainly used to determine which level of protection a burial site should recieve under Wisconsin State Law. The list is also used to determine which landowners are eligible for a Wisconsin property tax exemption. Cataloged sites receive a higher degree of protection under state law, and their owners are eligible for property tax exemptions. Not all human burial sites in Wisconsin have been cataloged.

  • To list your burial site in the catalog, see How to Catalog a Burial Site on Your Property.
  • To obtain a copy of records for a cataloged burial site on your property, or to see if your burial site is cataloged, please contact the Wisconsin Historical Society at 608-264-6494 or by email.

Information in the burial sites catalog is confidential and exempt from open records requests.

State law (Wis. Stats. 157.70) requires the Wisconsin Historical Society to maintain the catalog. It is part of the Wisconsin Archaeological Sites Inventory (ASI) in the Wisconsin Historic Preservation Database (WHPD).

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