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Teacher's Edition of the 4th-Grade Textbook

'Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story'

Teacher's Edition of the 4th-Grade Textbook | Wisconsin Historical Society
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Teacher's Edition of 'Wisconsin, Our State, Our Story' 2nd Edition

By Bobbie Malone, Kori Oberle, Susan O'Leary and Kurt Griesemer

Hardcover: $99.95

ISBN: 978-0-87020-798-3

252 pages, 11" x 10"

600 color illustrations

The Teacher's Edition provides educators with the background, literacy, and other skill-building strategies to teach "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story" in both social studies and literacy classes. 

"Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story" textbook promotes content-focused reading to address both social studies and language arts standards for the state of Wisconsin.

The Teacher's Edition draws on the research-based pedagogy in both literacy developmnent and in historical inquiry to help reach the many different levels of learners in today's classrooms.

Features of the Teacher's Edition

  • Differentiated Learning Approaches
    The Teacher's Edition draws together and charts a compendium of literacy strategies, historical thinking skills, and differentiated learning approaches in the introductory section.
  • Supports Both Literacy and History Learning
    Each of the early chapters focuses on a different literacy skill. Students have the opportunity to practice and master each skill as they progress through the textbook. Though each chapter differs in length, they all have the same components, so that students can learn to make connections. Major, overarching questions drive the content of each chapter.
  • An Inquiry-Based History Approach
    Each topic is inquiry-based. Students quickly learn that the historian plays the role of detective: asking questions and amassing enough clues to put together a "picture" of some historical event or personality and to weave these into a sufficiently broad understanding.

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