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About Our Work-Study Opportunities

About Our Work-Study Opportunities | Wisconsin Historical Society

Work-study positions may be available for UW-Madison students who have been awarded work-study funds as part of a financial aid package.

Library, Archives, and Museum Collections

Many UW-Madison students work in the Library-Archives each academic year. The majority of students have been awarded work-study funds. Wages vary depending on experience and the nature of the position.

For more information, contact one of the following Library-Archives supervisors:

Museum Archaeology Program

The Museum Archaeology Program may have work-study Archaeology Lab Technician positions available.  This position offers the opportunity to assist in the processing of archaeological collections and associated documentation. Tasks may include cleaning, labeling and packaging Native American and historic Euro-American artifacts collected in Wisconsin; entering collection data using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and the Museum’s collection management database; and general office work. Coursework or experience in archaeology preferred, but not required.

For more information, contact:

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For general queries about employment or volunteer opportunities, please contact Mandy Andraska by email below: