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How to Use Social Media to Empower the Members of Your Historic Preservation Organization

How to Use Social Media to Empower Members | Historic Preservation | Wisconsin Historical Society

More and more historic preservation organizations are weaving social media tools into their membership development strategies. In fact, social media has become so prevalent that your organization may appear out of touch if you do not include social media in your operations.

Social media provides an opportunity for every member of an organization to share his or her opinion and expertise. Embracing social media in your organization will help empower your members to be active participants in your work and mission.

Use Social Media to Create a Relationship

Although social media is a relatively new innovation, its underlying concept is similar to that of conventional nonprofit membership development. In fact, followers and friends on social media sites are often called "members."

Your organization can start by setting up a social media website. Social media users who support your cause or organization merely need to click their mouse on "like" to show their support. This simple action will start a relationship between your organization and that supporter.

The actions your organization takes once it captures a supporter via social media will be the key to maintaining and developing this budding relationship.

Social media's primary purpose is to facilitate connections. This makes social media a perfect tool for your organization to spark member discussions that build community and add value to membership in your organization. Through social media, your organization can become a community with a voice that all your members can hear.

Use Social Media to Communicate

Your social media site can be useful to create buzz for a big event, such as an auction, building tour, annual social event, or a conference. It can also be a great venue to provide-behind-the-scenes looks at your organization, like a commentary track on a DVD.

Many preservation organizations use their Facebook page as a complement to their main website.

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