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Using the Wisconsin Historic Preservation Database | Wisconsin Historical Society

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The Wisconsin Historic Preservation Database (WHPD)

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Using the Wisconsin Historic Preservation Database | Wisconsin Historical Society

The State Historic Preservation Office is currently working remotely and continue our daily management of the Wisconsin Historic Preservation Database. Please check below for special instructions for database access during our office closure. With any questions, please contact Amy Wyatt at

The State Historic Preservation Office is the official state repository for collecting, managing and preserving information about historic buildings, archaeological sites, burial sites, and archaeological surveys in Wisconsin. We manage and make this information accessible online in the Wisconsin Historic Preservation Database (WHPD). Records are added and revised on a daily basis to ensure that your research is up to date.

WHPD gives users access to these four databases:

  • Archaeological Report Inventory (ARI) – contains summaries of archaeological investigations at archaeological and burial sites.
  • Archaeological Sites Inventory (ASI)  contains information about archaeological and burial sites, unmarked cemeteries, marked cemeteries and cultural sites.
  • Architecture and History Inventory (AHI) – contains basic information on historic buildings, structures, and objects. Most records include exterior images.
  • National Register of Historic Places (NR) – contains information for historic properties listed in the State and National Register of Historic Places including nomination PDFs.

There are three options, described below, for authorized researchers who would like to request access to the WHPD database.

Three Ways to Access WHPD

WHPD Online Subscription

To purchase or renew a WHPD online subscription while SHPO staff works remotely, please email your completed forms to Amy Wyatt at

An annual license to access WHPD is available for subscription fee. With this license, the registered user can use the WHPD website to search all three inventories and view complete records, images, and maps of historic properties. The WHPD subscription is priced according to the number of users registered within an organization:

Access LevelNumber of UsersPrivate CompaniesPublic Agencies
Project (2 weeks)1$100$50
One Month1$250$125
Six Months1-5$800$400
One YearSole Proprietor$750N/A
One Year1-5$1500$750
One Year6-10+$2000$1000
THPO 1-10N/A$0









PLEASE DOWNLOAD OUR NEW REGISTRATION FORM. Requests submitted on old forms will not be accepted or processed.

To purchase a license, please complete the registration form and the license agreement. Email the forms and payment to Amy Wyatt. We accept payment by check, Visa or MasterCard. Once we have received your payment and signed forms, you will receive an email with your WHPD user name and password. If you have questions concerning the registration process, please contact Amy Wyatt.

WHPD Access Terminal

In compliance with health emergency orders, the Society’s Headquarters Building is closed to all non-essential staff and the public until further notice. Authorized researchers may be able to receive temporary, remote access to the database by making an appointment in advance by contacting Amy Wyatt at


While we are working remotely, SHPO staff will be fulfilling GIS data requests on a weekly basis in the order they are received. GIS data subscriptions may be delayed depending on the volume of requests. Please contact Felipe Avila with questions.

Customers can also request GIS data as a subscription or for a single use. The data sets available are the Archaeological Sites Inventory, the Archaeological Reports Inventory and the Architecture and History Inventory and are provided in ArcGIS shapefile format in the WTM83, NAD83 (1991) coordinate reference system. (Note: We do not release the locations of sites located on federally recognized tribal lands. 

GIS Custom Data SetPrivate Companies Public Agencies
 Custom data set up to 5 counties $250 $125
Custom data set over 5 counties: $250 + $100 per additional county up to $1500 $250+ $125+
 GIS Data SubscriptionsPrivate CompaniesPublic Agencies
 Custom data set up to 5 counties with quarterly updates $500 $250
Custom data set over 5 counties with quarterly updates: $500+ $100 per additional county $500+ (Max $1500) $250+ (Max $1000)

To request GIS data, complete the License Agreement for Digital Geographic Datasets and data request form. 

PLEASE DOWNLOAD OUR NEW DATA REQUEST FORM. Requests submitted on old forms will not be accepted or processed.

Please submit the forms by email to Felipe Avila.

Upon receipt of your request, the GIS Coordinator will begin working on your order and will contact you directly with any questions.

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