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About Our Civil War Roster and Compiled Civil War Service Records

About Our Civil War Roster and Compiled Civil War Service Records | Wisconsin Historical Society

The Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865, is an online digital book from the Wisconsin Historical Society Library. This resource lists all the soldiers known to have participated in Wisconsin's Civil War regiments. Known as the Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, these two volumes were compiled in 1886 from original archival records and their alphabetical index was published in 1914. These volumes serve as indexes to the Compiled Service Records of Wisconsin soldiers who served in the Civil War.

How the Civil War Roster and Compiled Service Records are Organized


The online Roster has two volumes, the Alphabetical Index and the Regimental Listings.

To use this resource, click the large blue search buttons below. Begin by searching for a soldier's name in the Alphabetical Index. Note the regiment and company in which he served. Next, use the drop-down menu at the top of that page to locate his unit in the Regimental Listings. In these volumes, you'll find a brief summary of when he enlisted, battles in which he participated and his status at the end of service.

Search the Alphabetical Index

  1. Make a list of all potential matches. A soldier who served in more than one regiment or company may be listed multiple times.
  2. Note the exact spelling of each soldier's name, his rank, regiment and company. This information is required to purchase a copy.

Search the Regimental Index (Pt 1)

Search the Regimental Index (Pt 2)

  1. Part one ends at the 15th Regiment.  Part 2 starts at the 16th Regiment.
  2. Use the pull-down navigational menu at the top of the alphabetical roster page to view the regiment and company of each potential match. Regiments are listed numerically in the original order of the book: Cavalry, Light Artillery, Heavy Artillery, Infantry and Special Regiments.
  3. Names of soldiers in this Regimental Listing may be spelled slightly differently than in the Alphabetical Index.
  4. Use the information in the Residence, Date (of enlistment) and Remarks columns to eliminate unlikely matches.
  5. For any remaining match(es) note the information below to purchase a copy. Please also include any text found in the "Remarks" column in your request. Note: Categories marked with an * asterisk below are required to have your order processed. Email us at historydocs@wisconsinhistory.org if you have questions.
* Soldier First/Middle Name:Residence:
* Soldier Last Name:Enlistment Month:
* Rank:Enlistment Year:
* Regiment and Company:Notes:
 Usage Notes:

If you would like to find more information about Wisconsin's Civil War Soldiers, the Society's Library and Archives have extensive Civil War resources available for research. These resources are not online but can be accessed by visiting the Library and/or Archives at the Society headquarters in Madison. 

Purchasing Copies

Email us at asklibrary@wisconsinhistory.org to order a copy of a Wisconsin Civil War Record. Please include all information about the known soldier. See more details on the FAQs About the Civil War Roster and Compiled Civil War Service Records page.

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