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Greenfield (Kinnickinnic), Milwaukee County

Origin of Greenfield, Wisconsin

Greenfield, Wisconsin | Wisconsin Historical Society
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Huntington House, Greenfield, Wis., ca. 1909 (WHI-32022)

In 1839 Olney Harrington, a newly-arrived attorney from New York, was appointed postmaster of the first post office in the newly-organized Town of Kinnickinnic; he submitted the post office name as "Greenfield" and citizens so liked the name that the Town was renamed "Greenfield" on February 19, 1841;when the town incorporated as a city on February 14, 1957, it retained the name.

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[Source:; Robert Roesler, President Greenfield Hist SocietyWe obtained a copy of the Post Office appointment from NARA, and gathered information about Harrington on the internet. The other items are common knowledge See this&more on the city's website Click "About Greenfield". Robert Roesler President Greenfield Hist Society]