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Spring Election in Madison

Date: April 02 1962
Description: Madison residents turn out to vote during the 1962 Spring elections.
News Release

That’s the Ticket: Presidential Elections 1856-2012 Timeline Now on Display at the Wisconsin Historical Museum

“That’s the Ticket: Presidential Elections 1856-2012,” highlights candidates, issues, and outcomes of 40 of America’s past presidential campaigns.
Biographical Book Excerpt

Roberts, Gaige S

Date: 1897-1968
Newspaper Article/Clipping

May back own candidates in 1924 elections

Date: 1923-12-02
County: Dane
City: Madison
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Naturalization draws many as elections near

Date: 1924-1-20
County: Dane
City: Madison

Robert Bloch and Harold Gauer

Description: The political campaign "Braintrust" relaxes in Lake Park between elections.
Historical Essay

Primary Elections in Wisconsin

Brief history of primary elections in Wisconsin.

Spring Election 1961

Date: April 04 1961
Description: "We Saw You Performing Your Civic Duty" in the Spring 1961 elections. A pensive woman voter, her slip in hand, waits a turn in the booth.

Young Cubans with Petitions

Date: 1980
Description: Four smiling young Cubans with petitions for camp nomination elections. Photographs made on July 4, 1980, by Archibald of Cuban refugees who had arrived as...

Governor Walter S. Goodland

Date: May 25 1944
Description: Governor Walter S. Goodland filing nomination papers at the Secretary of State Office with Gaige E. Roberts, chief of the elections and records division.

1948 Primary Elections

Date: September 21 1948
Description: Elevated view of a crowd of voters and five curtained voting machines at Ward 10.
Newspaper Article/Clipping

City observes 80th year of local elections on April 1; government thrice changed

Date: 1933-3-25
County: Rock
City: Janesville
Historical Object

Presidential Political Campaign Bumper Sticker

Description: A political campaign bumper sticker for presidential elections. Laura's edit: A bumper sticker with yellow text on a black background that reads: "Let's...

Election Results

Date: 1852
Description: Canvass of the results for various village offices, April 6, 1852.

President Truman Holds Newspaper

Date: November 1948
Description: President Harry S. Truman holds up the newspaper which has the headline that mistakenly reports "Dewey Defeats Truman".
Map or Atlas

Wisconsin Senate Districts

Date: 1922
Description: A map of Wisconsin showing the state’s Senate districts, it also provides the population total for each county.

Byrnes' Balloons

Date: 1962
Description: Boy holds up balloons for Congressman Byrnes during his 1962 campaign.

Govenor Oscar Rennebohm Listens to Broadcast

Date: 1948
Description: Governor Oscar Rennebohm and friends listening to broadcast.
Historical Essay

The History of Recall Elections in Wisconsin

Read an account of the history of recall elections in Wisconsin. This article also includes a Wisconsin recall timeline and citations of scholarly sources.

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