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Architecture and History Consultants List

The Architecture and History Consultants List (PDF, 195 KB) includes the consultants' names, things to consider prior to selecting a preparer, and a sample consultant contract.

These consultants are available to help you prepare your National Register of Historic Places nomination. They have each independently prepared at least one complete National Register nomination that has been approved by the Wisconsin State Historic Preservation Review Board between May 2011 and the present date. Consultants who have prepared nominations in other states between these same dates may be placed on the list on approval of the Wisconsin Historical Society Division of Historic Preservation and Public History.

The consultants' names are provided to you as courtesy. The Wisconsin Historical Society does not endorse these consultants nor guarantee that they will produce a satisfactory nomination in a given case. Your selection is not limited in to this list. There are other consultants available to prepare adequate and complete National Register nominations.

Individuals or groups hiring National Register nomination preparers should seek estimates from at least two preparers. Before retaining a preparer, the sponsor of a nomination should enter into a comprehensive contract with the preparer that details the expected work product and performance standards.


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