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Local Government Records

Local Government Records | Wisconsin Historical Society

The Local Government Records Program assists local governments with the management and transfer of records of historic value. If you work for a local government, follow the links below for more information.


Access to Local Government and Court Records

How local government records are processed and made available after transfer.

Digitization Guidance

Digitization project guidance documents for state agencies and local units of government.

Electronic Records

Resources for those who manage electronic records.

General Records Schedules

The State of Wisconsin Public Records Board maintains current versions of General Schedules for County Governments. Visit the links below to learn more about the General Records Schedules and download the General Records Schedules from the Public Records Board website.

Legally Dispose of Obsolete Records

How to legally dispose of obsolete records and notify the Wisconsin Historical Society before destruction.

Wisconsin Municipal Records Manual

An overview of records management practices and recommendations for the retention and disposition of municipal records.


If you are a member of the public interested in accessing our local government records holdings, see information about the Local Government Records collection.


Andrew Baraniak
Local Government Records Archivist

Questions? Email us at govarc@wisconsinhistory.org