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Mothballing Historic Buildings | Wisconsin Historical Society

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Mothballing Historic Buildings

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Mothballing Historic Buildings | Wisconsin Historical Society

Mothballing Historic Buildings: Continuing Constant Maintenance on Unoccupied Buildings


Daniel Stephans, AIA, Architect / DJ Stephans AIA Architect

Arlan Kay, FAIA, Architect

In the current economic climate, a historic building owner may not have a productive use or the funds available to preserve the building or prevent demolition by neglect. Mothballing is a process that protects the building from sudden loss, weather, and vandalism while planning for the future or raising money. If a vacant property has been declared unsafe, stabilization and mothballing may be the only way to protect it from demolition. Mothballing is simply maintenance but the many possible solutions make the decision-making process and documentation very important. In the planning process, complete and systematic records must be kept and appropriate funds allocated to ensure the property will be in stable condition for future preservation, rehabilitation, or restoration.

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