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Exhibit Category Guide (PDF) | National History Day in Wisconsin | Wisconsin Historical Society

An exhibit is a visual representation of a topic and its significance in history, much like a small museum exhibit. Labels and captions should be used creatively with visual images and objects to enhance the message of the exhibit.

The exhibit category is great for National History Day students who are visually creative and enjoy working with their hands.

  • Download the Exhibit Category Guide
    (616 KB, PDF)

    The exhibit category guide provides an overview of:

    • The basic framework for National History Day exhibits
    • Exhibit category rules
    • Planning and organizing an exhibit
    • Tips for creating a spectacular NHD exhibit
    • The qualities of a good NHD exhibit

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Exhibit Boards are available from Box Man, Inc. and are designed to fit the dimensions of NHD exhibits and can include title panels. Purchase packs of boards online.

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