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About Wisconsin Historical Markers | Wisconsin Historical Society

Wisconsin Historical Markers tell the stories about events, individuals, buildings, or sites of local, state, or national significance that contribute to our state's rich historical heritage. There are more than 550 official state markers in Wisconsin that carry approved historical inscriptions. See the Official List of Wisconsin Historical Markers.

These permanent, outdoor plaques are located near the place where something significant occurred. Many of them are roadside markers.

The Wisconsin Historical Markers Program is administered by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Official State of Wisconsin Markers are Easily Recognizable

Markers are cast aluminum, have raised cream-colored letters on a brown background and feature the badger, the state symbol of Wisconsin, embossed at the top of the marker.

Historical markers are an excellent educational tool, informing people about significant aspects of Wisconsin's past.

Is there a significant piece of history in your community that you would like to commemorate with a historic marker? Individuals, public agencies or private organizations are encouraged to nominate historic properties, persons, and events for the Wisconsin Historical Markers.

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