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Bresette, Walter 1947 - 1999

Bresette, Walter 1947 - 1999 | Wisconsin Historical Society
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Indian rights activist; a member of the Red Cliff Ojibwe Band, Bressette campaigned for Indian treaty rights involving hunting and fishing and the possession of the feathers of migratory birds for ceremonial and cultural purposes.  He was one of the founders of Witness for Nonviolence. which monitored the Wisconsin spear fishing controversies of the 1980s, and also of the Midwest Treaty Network, Anishinaabe Niijii, the Lake Superior Greens and the Wisconsin Greens, which opposed sulfide mining in northern Wisconsin.  With Rick Whaley he wrote "Walleye Warriors: the Chippewa Treaty Rights Story." View more information elsewhere at  

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[Source: Obituary, "Ashland Daily Press," February 23, 1999; Protect the Earth/Anishinaabe Niijii .]