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Wisconsin Historic Preservation and Archaeology Month

Each year in May Wisconsin celebrates Historic Preservation and Archaeology Month. This celebration offers many opportunities to celebrate your community's history and heritage. All over the state, activities are held that remind us of the important historic resources that give meaning and a sense of place to our communities — and focus attention on how critical it is to make sure they are preserved. Check out the events calendar in the column to the left, and attend one that is close to you. And if your community's preservation month activity is not yet listed, send us the information by following the link below.

Check this page next spring to submit an event online for the upcoming Historic Preservation and Archaelogy Month.

Events may be submitted online.


What if there isn't a Historic Preservation and Archaeology Month event scheduled in your community? The Wisconsin Historical Society has developed a PowerPoint presentation titled Understanding Historic Preservation. This presentation explains the basics of historic preservation and includes an excellent overview of how the Wisconsin Historical Society can assist you with your local historic preservation efforts. Contact us to schedule this free, 30-minute program in your community. All you need to provide is a meeting space and a receptive audience.

Staff availability is limited, so please contact Joe DeRose for more information or to reserve your spot on Wisconsin's Historic Preservation and Archaeology month calendar now.


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