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Preservation Professionals

Local Processors and Printers

Black and White Film

The Division of Historic Preservation-Public History requires black and white film processing and true black and white printing for its products.

Due to the many requests for assistance in finding film processing, we have compiled this list of vendors that have stated that they will process black and white film and provide true black and white prints without using a color developing or printing processes.

  • Camera Company
    Madison (downtown location)

  • Color Prints

The names on this list are provided as an accommodation. You should not consider this list a recommendation. The Wisconsin Historical Society cannot guarantee that the named parties will produce a satisfactory product in a given case. Your selection is not limited in any way to this list. There are others who can process black and white film adequately. This list is comprised of businesses that have stated they have the capacity to process black and white film.

The International Existing Building Code

Owners of historic, commercial buildings may consider using the International Existing Building Code (IBEC). Please be aware that the IBEC does not apply to one and two-family dwellings. Learn more in our guide below.

About the International Existing Building Code
(IBEC) (PDF, 181 KB)


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