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The Wisconsin NHPA § 106 Submittal  Process

Here in the Office of the Wisconsin SHPO, we have endeavored to provide a National Historic Preservation Act § 106-review process that establishes and makes uniform the necessary federal agency responsibilities, balances the need for timely reviews with the need for thorough investigation of all potentially affected historic properties, eliminates redundant submittals, and provides sufficient information to assist applicants from start to finish.

Review each of the pages below to determine whether to submit materials to our office:

If, after reviewing all of the § 106 Process explanatory text, you are uncertain of one or more of your responsibilities, or you are in need of additional assistance to complete your review and submittal, then please contact Chip Brown of the OPP. 

At the outset, we recommend that you consult the Advisory Council on the Historic Preservation (ACHP) Web site, which contains the regulations and provides descriptions of the § 106 process requirements. You may also wish to view the ACHP flowchart containing excellent detail on the § 106 process.

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