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How to Become a Local History Affiliate

Become a Local History Affiliate of the Wisconsin Historical Society | Wisconsin Historical Society

The Wisconsin Historical Society assists all new historical and heritage societies and organizations that become affiliates with the organizational steps of preparing bylaws, incorporating and applying for tax-exempt status. This assistance is provided by the Society's Local History Outreach offices in Madison, Eau Claire, and Milwaukee to all new historical societies that receive approval for affiliation by vote of the Board of Curators of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

The Society encourages all non-profit community history and heritage organizations, including publicly funded museums and tribal museums, to consider formal affiliation. Affiliated organizations can:

To be eligible for affiliation, an organization must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The organization must be a non-profit community history or heritage organization, publicly funded museum, or tribal museum.
  • The organization must be legally located in Wisconsin.
  • Membership in the organization and programs must be open to any interested person for payment of reasonable dues.
  • The organization's board of directors or organizational leaders must vote to apply for affiliation, and the Wisconsin Historical Society's Board of Curators must approve the affiliation.

Become a Local History Affiliate

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