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Thinking Like a Historian

Guide the next generation to think more deeply about the past — to think like historians.

Do you love history? Are you fascinated and enthusiastic about studying or teaching history? With practical examples, engaging and effective lessons, and classroom activities that tie to essential questions, "Thinking Like a Historian" provides a framework to enhance and improve teaching and learning history. We invite you to use "Thinking Like a Historian" to bring history into your classroom or to re-energize your teaching of this crucial discipline in new ways.

Now available for online viewing is the instructional video*, allowing you to see how teachers at different grade levels have implemented the Thinking Like a Historian framework into their classrooms.

The contributors to "Thinking Like a Historian" are experienced historians and educators from elementary through university levels. This philosophical and pedagogical guide to history as a discipline uses published standards of the American Historical Association, the Organization of American Historians, the National Council for History Education, the National History Standards and state standards for Wisconsin and California.

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* To access the 30-minute instructional video, scroll to the bottom of the UW Whitewater "Thinking Like a Historian" page. Video requires Adobe Flash Player.

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