Young Readers Series

Introduce your elementary and middle school readers to Wisconsin history with these kid-friendly books. Our teacher resources and companion teacher's guides are designed to help you maximize your instruction for an optimal learning experience.

Badger Biographies Series: For Ages 7-12

Explore the stories of real Wisconsin people through our popular non-fiction book series. These famous and not-so-famous people made a difference in our history.

Illustrations, maps, and a glossary in each book.

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More Titles For Young Readers

Great Ships on the Great Lakes: A Maritime History book cover.

One Room Schools: Stories from the Days of 1 Room, 1 Teacher, 8 Grades book cover.

If Trees Could Talk.

New Badger History Series: For Ages 7-12

This best-selling series introduces elementary and middle school readers to Wisconsin history, packed with photos, illustrations, maps, and interesting activities. The companion Teacher's Guides engage students in hands-on exploration of the topic, highlighting historical processes and encouraging multiple learning styles.

Books in the Series

Resource Books For Teachers

Engage your students in hands-on exploration of history!

Textbook - Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story

This definitive textbook brings history to life. Full color and visually stunning, its classroom-tested text aligns with cross-curricular Wisconsin Model Academic Standards and stimulates critical thinking. Companion materials provide teachers additional tools to reach all learners.

Books in the Series