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Educational Publications

  Introduce elementary and middle school readers to Wisconsin history with ourkid-friendly books. learn more


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The "Thinking Like a Historian: Rethinking History Instruction" guidebook is filled with practical examples, engaging and effective lessons, and classroom activities that tie to essential questions. It provides a solid foundational framework designed to enhance and improve the teaching of history in any classroom.
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Available in English and Spanish.
This poster highlights the essential questions from the "Thinking Like A Historian" framework.

Archaeology Resources

Familiarize your students with the basic concepts and procedures guiding archaeological research.


Make history come to life for your students! Tour a local historical society or museum in your area to see log cabins, blacksmith shops, historic kitchens and more!

Search our Local Historical Societies Directory to get information about educational programming, tours, hours, addresses and more.

4th-Grade History Textbook

Cover of the latest book in the Badger Biographies series.

The definitive 4th-grade history textbook brings to life the stories of Wisconsin's past, aligns with cross-curricular Wisconsin Model Academic Standards and stimulates critical thinking. learn more

Online Interactive Learning

View the Society's interactive resources that make learning fun!

Help your students think like archaeologists with The Mammoth Mystery interactive resource.

Learn about how the Lucerne sank in the Chequamegon Bay in 1886

This online exhibit features 14 stunning, large-scale historic murals originally displayed at the 1948 Wisconsin State Fair.

Learn about America's presidential elections since 1856 and discover how Wisconsin voted.